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the big bang in wynwood by rafael montilla

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    Venezuelan artist Rafael Montilla to present new series "United We Are Art" during Miami Art Week

    Thriving as a Visual Artist in the Age of Innovation

    Beyond the Canvas: Thriving as a Visual Artist in the Age of Innovation 2024
    Nancy Spero

    Nancy Spero

    Nancy Spero: Más que una Artista, una Activista Visual PINTOR, COLLAGE Y ARTISTA DE INSTALACIÓN ESTADOUNIDENSE Nacida: 24 de agosto de 1926 - Cleveland, Ohio,...
    mark rothko artwork

    Color Field Painting

    Color field painting is a style of abstract painting that emerged during the 1940s and 1950s in New York City, United States. It was inspired by European modernism and closely related to...
    Concrete Art Theo van Doesburg

    Van Doesburg

    Theo van Doesburg Concrete Art, De Stijl, Neo-Plasticism, Bauhaus DUTCH PAINTER, DESIGNER, AND ARCHITECT Born: August 30, 1883 - Utrecht, Netherlands Died: March...
    Queens of the Revolution

    Queens of the Revolution

    'Don't Say Gay' / Queens of the Revolution / Miami Film Festival “Rebecca Heidenberg’s insightful new documentary Queens of the Revolution introduces a community of queer people who have...

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