Untitled Art is an innovative and inclusive platform for discovering contemporary art. It balances intellectual integrity with cutting-edge experimentation, refreshing the standard fair model by embracing a unique curatorial approach.

Untitled Art was founded in 2012 by Jeff Lawson. Each year, the fair selects a curatorial team to identify and curate a selection of international galleries, artist-run exhibition spaces, and non-profit institutions and organizations, in dialogue with an architecturally-designed venue. It launched the art world’s first virtual reality fair in July 2020 and will celebrate its 10th edition in 2021.

To mark the occasion, under the guidance of Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud, the 2021 presentation features an expanded curatorial platform with four guest curators: Natasha Becker, Miguel A. López, Estrellita Brodsky and José Falconi. Brought together for their diverse perspectives and regional expertise, the curators will nurture dialogue between participating galleries and artists to generate a more global and inclusive conversation.

The 2021 presentation takes place on the sands of Miami Beach from Nov 29 until Dec 4. Comprising over 145 international contemporary galleries, the fair connects the best of contemporary art, live events, artist performances and other activations to keep more than 40,000 attendees captive and entertained during Miami Art Week.Guest CuratorsPartners

Natasha Becker

Natasha Becker is the Curator of African Art at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Prior to joining the museum in 2020, she organized numerous exhibitions as an independent curator and spearheaded international initiatives as the Assistant Director of Mellon Initiatives at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA. She is the cofounder of two collaborative curatorial platforms: Assembly Room in New York City and The Underline Show in Johannesburg. Becker has served as curatorial adviser for the Face Foundation and co-curator at the Ford Foundation Art Gallery. She is focused on artists from Africa and the African diaspora with a distinct interest in women artists and centering social justice within the contemporary art dialogue. ‘Perilous Bodies’ and ‘Radical Love’, two recent group shows held at the Ford Foundation Art Gallery, wove together the perspectives of 42 international artists on issues of social violence, justice, and liberation. At the Osage Foundation in Hong Kong, she co- curated ‘Present Passing: South by Southeast’ with Patrick Flores, the renowned Filipino curator and art historian, to explore equivalent articulations of the Southeast through South Africa and the Caribbean. Becker was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.

Estrellita B. Brodsky

Estrellita Brodsky is a New York-based curator, art historian, philanthropist and advocate of art from Latin America. Brodsky holds a doctorate in art history from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. She curated the first U.S. museum survey of Julio Le Parc ‘Form into Action’ at the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) (2016-2017); the first U.S. retrospective of the Venezuelan kinetic artist Carlos Cruz-Diez ‘(In)formed by Color’ at the Americas Society, New York (2008); and ‘Jesus Soto: Paris and Beyond, 1950-1970’ (2012) at the Grey Art Gallery, New York University. In 2015, Brodsky founded ANOTHER SPACE, a program and exhibition space in New York City dedicated to broadening international awareness of artists from Latin America and of Latin American descent.

Miguel A. López

Miguel A. López is a writer, researcher, and curator. Between 2015 and 2020, he worked at TEOR/éTica, in Costa Rica, first as chief curator and, from 2018, as co-director and chief curator. Recent curatorial projects include: ‘and if I devoted my life to one of its feathers?’ at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna (2021); ‘Cecilia Vicuña, a Retrospective Exhibition’ at Witte de With, Rotterdam (2019) and MUAC-UNAM, Mexico City (2020); co-curated ‘Virginia Pérez-Ratton. Central America: Desiring a Place’ at MUAC, Mexico City, (2019); ‘Victoria Cabezas and Priscilla Monge: Give Me What You Ask For’ at the Americas Society, New York (2019); and ‘Social Energies/Vital Forces. Natalia Iguiñiz: Art, Activism, Feminism (1994–2018)’ at ICPNA, Lima (2018). Recent books include: Ficciones disidentes en la tierra de la misoginia (Dissident Fictions in the Land of Misogyny) (2019), and Robar la historia. Contrarrelatos y prácticas artísticas de oposición (Stealing History: Counter-narratives and Oppositional Art Practices (2017). His writing has appeared in AfterallArtforumArt in Americae-flux journal, and Manifesta Journal, among others. López is also a co-founder of the independent art space Bisagra, active in Peru since 2014.

José Falconi

José Falconi is a Lecturer in the Department of Art History and Architecture at Brandeis University (2014-2020), at Boston University from 2016, and was recently appointed Professor of Art and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut. In Latin America, Falconi has been Bicentennial Visiting Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Chile (Santiago de Chile, 2012 and 2019); International Professor at the National University of Colombia (Bogotá, 2013); Visiting Professor at the Center for Latin American Studies “Manuel Galich” at the Universidad San Carlos of Guatemala (2016); and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Costa Rica (2017).

This year, over 145 international galleries and organizations will participate in Untitled Art’s Miami Beach edition, featuring four guest curators to celebrate the fair’s 10th edition and an ambitious new sector Nest to support emerging galleries, collectives and non-profits.

Untitled Art Miami Beach is pleased to present a program of curated Special Projects, Podcast Conversations, Monuments, performances and events for the 2021 edition. The schedule will continue to be updated with new events as the fair approaches.

Monday 29 Nov

Tuesday 30 Nov

Wednesday 1 Dec

Thursday 2 Dec

Friday 3 Dec

Saturday 4 Dec

Special ProjectsMonuments

THREE TURNS Miami, 2021
Kit Radford, Bloom (Or Live Trying), 2020
Minoosh Zomorodinia, Resist: Air, Water, Earth, 2014
Ana Teresa Fernández, Siren’s Song, 2010
Whitney Lynn, The Siren, 2019
Response works by Mrinalini Aggarwal, John Anderson, Kim Anno, Lisa Blatt, Irene Carvajal, Carlos Castro, Don Daedalus, Robert Earl Davis, William Edwards, Linda Ford, Kacy Jung, Liz Miller Kovacs, Peter Max Lawrence, Meredith Leich, Reza Monahan, John Muse, Toban Nichols, Liz Oppenheimer, Anna Rose, Ouater Sand, Maya Smira, Chad Stayrook, Alisha Trimble, Beth Dávila Waldman, Lawrence White, and Zimo Zhao.
Curated by Tony Labat
Presented by San Francisco Artists Alumni

Opening Day only
12pm – 8pm
West of the Dunes

Camilo Restrepo
The Other Names, 2021
Water-soluble wax pastel, ink and saliva on paper
Presented by Steve Turner, Booth A14

The Other Names consists of 503 portrait drawings of those who were mentioned by their “other names” (the aliases that Colombian criminals assume), in El Tiempo, one of the country’s largest newspapers. The 503 portraits encompass each and every alias that appeared in the newspaper during 2020, making the installation a one-year visual encyclopedia, a snapshot of the country’s violent criminal history.

Álvaro Gómez
A Return to The Thread
A selection of textile works from 1970s to 1980s
Presented by Herlitzka + Faria, Buenos Aires, Booth A46

Herlitzka + Faria, Buenos Aires is pleased to present A Return to The Thread by Alvaro Gómez. This presentation brings together a selection of textile works created from the early 1970s to 1980s and makes reference to the very origin of textile art, the thread.

Curated by Estrellita Brodsky and José Falconi

Organized by guest curators Estrellita Brodsky and José Falconi, Elsewhere(s) brings together works by over 25 artists from Latin America and its diaspora, drawn from Untitled Art’s roster of participating galleries as well as Latin American private collections and institutions. Occupying various spaces around the fair’s main entrance, the exhibition aims to counter the marginal position of the region’s art within the commercial art market, while reflecting on artists’ roles to envision alternative societies as shamans, healers or utopian visionaries. The exhibition features works from multiple periods and regions, grouped around themes of cosmology, magic, and non-Western forms of knowledge.


ART X PUZZLES: Puzzles with Purpose is pleased to announce the “8:8 NEST X ART X PUZZLES X UNTITLED” . According to numerology, the number 8 represents a “master number” which signifies infinity and insight. 8 Artists and 8 Galleries were selected by private invitation to create 8:8 Nest ART X PUZZLES Special Limited Collector Edition Jigsaw Puzzles.

Antonia Wright
And so with ends comes beginnings, 2019
HD color video, 4:30 (excerpt)
Audio score written by Jason Ajemian
Presented by Locust Projects

Locust Projects presents And so with ends comes beginnings, a video by Miami-based artist Antonia Wright that will be presented at UNTITLED ART FAIR viewable on a floating video screen on November 29, from 4-6pm viewable from the beach at Lummus Park Beach.

Y.ES Contemporary

Y.ES Contemporary creates opportunities for outstanding Salvadoran contemporary artists to advance their artistic practice and engage with artists, curators, collectors, gallerists and the media within and outside El Salvador. Y.ES Contemporary is an initiative of the Robert S. Wennett and Mario Cader-Frech Foundation.

Atelier Caracas for Studio Boheme
Radical Semantics, 2021
Lacquered MDF
Dimensions Variable
Presented by Hayworth, Booth A31

Bradley McCallum
Of Light
Presented by Catharine Clark Gallery

Confined to his home studio during the global pandemic, artist Bradley McCallum started to examine and dissect the unfolding crises in America. Cutting, ripping, pasting, overlaying different images, and adding textured materials, collage became a way to reflect on the fragments of daily life and offer a visual diary of contemporary events.

Of Light encompasses more than a 100 artworks that capture and processes the crises, revealing an arc of intimate, emotional, and challenging moments. Loss and death, are refined through images, textures, and associations. We see flowers at a public memorial, a figure with a raised fist backlit by a roaring fire, a couple holding onto each other for dear life; each seemingly banal situation finds its place within the larger narrative. But there are also poignant moments of individuals and communities coming together, marching, grieving, overcoming, bridging divides, remembering, healing, helping: fragments of profound compassion, scattered moments of light and love.

Joyce Billet
Rising, 2021
Etched and cut plywood

My work explores the tension between the analog and the digital.

I am interested in duality: positive and negative forms, presence and absence, darkness and light. Rising explores these concepts by engaging both wall and floor with horizontal and vertical panels, rooted at the ground, and suspended as they rise. It challenges the traditional ways of painting by altering the flat surface into a visual, tactile, and functional sculptural element. Going back and forth between the natural and the industrial, plywood is a raw yet processed material which I transform through machine cuts and etchings directly abstracted from my hand paintings.

Connecting back to human nature, the unpainted wood is burnt revealing the truth of the material, the memory it collects through built-up layers that disappear as they are assembled. Repetition, fluid lines, height, and narrow forms create a rigid yet organic environment, providing an immersive moment both visually and physically.


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