Pinta Miami 2022 | New Location

The Hangar in Coconut Grove
3385 Pan American Drive,
Coconut Grove,
Miami FL 33133

In search of new territories and exhibition formats, Pinta Miami inuagurates The Hangar in Coconut Grove. Located in a privileged place and with a strong historical character, The Hangar used to be the base of Pan American. Today, the space retains its functionality and combines elements of nature. The layout is completely flexible, with an open floor plan and abundant natural lighting. Including meeting, lounge and enjoyment spaces, the experience at The Hangar is complete. The wide and state-of-the-art accesses connect water and land, the natural and the built, thus generating a unique environment for art.

Public Days

 Thursday, December 1, 2022.

11am – 8pm

Friday, December 2, 2022.

11m – 8pm

Saturday, December 3, 2022.

11m – 8pm

Sunday, December4, 2022.

11m – 6pm


This year, in its 16th anniversary and after highly transformative events, Pinta ventures into a new concept. New formats, and many other exciting ingredients will make up Pinta 2022.

In a blend format which combines premier technology with the glamor of gathering in-person, Pinta 2022 will provide an experience unlike no other. Artists, curators, gallery owners, collectors and art lovers will reunite for the best of what Latin American and Spanish creators have been working on; passionately and relentlessly in the face of a global crisis and its aftermath.

In line with Pinta’s commitment as an international platform to energize and disseminate Ibero American modern and contemporary art, and with a stronger-than-ever bond to its Latin American roots, this year’s edition brings forth an artistic program which includes diverse and interdisciplinary expositions and carefully articulated sections.

While the Main Section will host established galleries, this year’s edition of Pinta will provide a stronger emphasis to Solo-Duo and Next (emergent artist). Working with esteemed curators Félix Suazo, Oscar Roldán and Florencia Portocarrero, these two sections will highlight the individual voices of artists who inspire courage and originality. Last but not least, the Editions section will distinguish itself with graphic pieces. All of Pinta’s sections will, of course, be complemented by Pinta Live: where the global public will not only gain access to the fair, but much more too.

As part of Pinta’s online affair, and transcending borders of all kinds, Pinta hosts Media Point, a digital section with unique audiovisual content: talks with experts (LiveTalks), insights on the artists’ work (OpenFile) and custom Live Virtual Tours.

Pinta Concept thus becomes an exceptional showcase which not only highlights the outstanding quality of Latin American art, but also combines exclusivity and long-standing acclaim to enhance the voice of artists and their social, cultural and ecological concerns. It blends the physical with the online, and connects art lovers with art makers; Pinta is more than a fair, it’s a concept.

848 Brickell Ave, Suite 1130 A
Miami, FL 33131


Main Section
GALLERyLABS, New Haven – Buenos Aires
Aina Nowack, Madrid
Alex Slato, Miami – Paris
Art Media, Miami
El Museo, Bogotá
Espacio Líquido + La Gran, Gijon
Fundación Pablo Atchugarry, Manantiales
Galeria Artística, Asuncion
Galería Artizar, Islas Canarias
Galeria Janaina Torres, São Paulo
Galería Llamazares, Gijon
GBG Arte, Caracas
Imaginario, Buenos Aires
Jackie Shor Projects, São Paulo
Julia Baitala – Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires
LnS Gallery, Miami
Lyle O.Reitzel Arte Contemporáneo, Santo Domingo
Montenegro Art Project – MAP , Bogotá
OdA Oficina de Arte, Buenos Aires
Oñate Contemporary, Miami
Pabellon 4 Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires
Plataforma Art Base, Quebec
Prima, Santiago
Salar, La Paz
Sammer Gallery, Miami
Sasha D espacio de arte, Córdoba
Viedma, Asuncion

Solo Duo
Galería de Arte A Ciegas, Madrid
Petrus, San Juan
Taller Maldonado, Guayaquil
Trinta, Santiago de Compostela
Younique, Paris

Galería Abra, Caracas
Galería NAC, Santiago
KBB, Buenos Aires
La Pecera, Punta del Este
Mas Arte, Quito
Remota, Salta
Selva Negra, Buenos Aires
Subsuelo, Rosario
Taller Maldonado, Guayaquil

Galería del Paseo, José Ignacio – Lima
Sammer Gallery, Miami

Pan American Art Projects, Miami

AMIA, Buenos Aires
CIFO, Miami
Instituto Cultural de Mexico en Miami, Miami

Art Nexus, Miami
Ciconia Collection, Miami


While the Main Section will house established galleries (Omar-Pascual Castillo and Mario Gioia), Pinta Miami 2022 will place a greater emphasis on the sincere artistic discourses of the Solo-Duo Projects section (Oscar Roldán Alzate) and the enlightened bravery of Special Projects (Félix Suazo). In addition, the NEXT section (Florencia Portocarrero) will present emerging galleries of great promise and the Photo section (José Antonio Navarrete) explores the fascinating world of photography. Finally, the Editions section will be distinguished by its graphic pieces. In Pinta Live, as a virtual complement, visitors from all over the world will be able to find the contents of the entire fair and a wide space for exchange and audiovisual volume.



OSCAR ROLDÁN-ALZATE, Solo-Duo Project and Main Section Curator


FELIX SUAZO, Special Project Curator


JOSÉ ANTONIO NAVARRETE, Curador de Pinta Photo


PASCAL TARABAY, Pinta Design Curator

VERO SANTALLA, Media Point Curator

GEAN MORENO, Intersections Curator

Diego Costa Peuser

Diego Costa Peuser is a cultural manager specialized in Latin American art. In this field, he has led various initiatives that allowed the greater and better understanding of artistic creation in the region.

Diego Costa Peuser is the director of the Arte al Día International magazine, founded 41 years ago by Jorge Costa Peuser and considered a leader among the media specialized in Ibero-American art. In this way, he has contributed to the recognition of movements and developments of artistic modernity. Arte al Día International has built a unique archive of reviews, interviews, profiles and news that show the exponential growth of the artistic ecosystem in the region and the world.

As co-creator and director of influential art fairs in Buenos Aires, Lima, Miami, New York, London and, soon, Basel, Diego Costa Peuser has promoted a change in the outlook of these metropolises, epicenters of cultural activity, on the nature and historical incidence of American artists. Whether in relation to the avant-garde, as well as to current contemporary creation, the projects directed by Costa Peuser open a dialogue between different practices from the North and the South. In this sense, he has promoted re-readings of art history that have turned the recognition of transcendental works and figures.

Committed to the present, Diego Costa Peuser faces challenges with social conscience and responsibility. In 2010 he was distinguished as one of the 100 most influential Hispanics in Florida and from 2011 to 2015 he served on the Miami Board of the TECHO Foundation. For this foundation, and within the framework of Art Basel Miami Beach, he organized the ‘Art Techos’ event that brought together prominent artists in order to raise funds for the construction of houses in less favored sectors of the continent. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Diego’s projects provided uninterrupted support and dissemination through innovative virtual platforms. Forward thinking and faithful to progress, the PINTA fairs will be developed in a hybrid format (virtual and in-person) to facilitate access and maximize their reach.

His work as projects and media director has been one of the factors in the growing attraction of the Ibero-American artistic language. It has crossed borders and energized the market, providing unique opportunities for all sectors and art agents.

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