The Miami, FL. based artist works through and between performance, painting, installations, urban art, sculpture, photography, text, and image.

IN SITU: NATURE ACTION. Negative Cube Video.

My motivation is to expand my ideas of fundamental human communication traits in our contemporary world to other audiences. Negative Cube spotlights the interconnection of human beings in a constant flow of interactions; all happening under an invisible network. The cube in my head (an axial, iconic symbol in all my works) is covered with mirrors over all its faces. It is a symmetric, stable geometry that confines the frontier of mySelf. When interactions with others occur, the mirrors create multiple reflections and counter reflections on me, defying the notions of my real identity, myself, and the others. Our interactive human ecosystem is based on mirroring the experience of oneself and others in a semblable and unifying process. Statement My work is based on geometric abstraction and the cube plays a central part in my proposal. The cube represents a symbol of harmony, unity, and balance of our internal and external life.

Milagros Bello, curator

Music: John Cage – 0’00’’ (1962)

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