The Miami Beach Art Gallery Presents a New Survey of the Renowned Photographer’s Work, Featuring Over 30 Photographs Created Between 1985 and the Present, including a World Premiere.

 VISU Contemporary announces its new exhibition for 2024 featuring works by internationally acclaimed photographer David LaChapelle. The collection, titled “DAVID LACHAPELLE: HAPPY TOGETHER” curated by VISU Contemporary gallery owners Bruce Halpryn and Blake Pearson, will be on display from January 26 through March 2, 2024, and will feature a selection of over 30 significant photographs from the artist’s career from 1985 to the present, including the premiere of a new work.  

Highlights of the exhibition include: Archangel Uriel (1985), one of LaChapelle’s earliest figurative works displaying a stoic cherub resting on the overlook of a great forest; My Own Marilyn (2002), which presents the artist’s muse Amanda Lepore in an homage to Warhol’s Shot Sage Blue (1964); After the Deluge: Museum (2007), where LaChapelle reminds us that human survival cannot be separated from nature while precious objects are as temporary as our climate; Spree (2019-2020), inspired by accounts of Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition, which finds a colossal mega cruise ship frozen in time within a vast, icy landscape; Behold (2015), representing LaChapelle’s ability to reimagine Old World ideas and aesthetics with painterly effect through photography; and Revelations (2019), inspired by the biblical book of the same name.

LaChapelle’s newest work, Three Graces (male) (2023), inspired by Raphael’s master painting The Three Graces (1503-1505), will also be on view. 

“We are thrilled to present David LaChapelle’s first-ever solo exhibition on Miami Beach,” said Bruce Halpryn, co-owner and co-curator of VISU Contemporary. “This curation reveals an exciting range of themes while highlighting the artist’s distinct ability to create thought-provoking narratives.  Many of the iconic works on view have become a mirror of the time we live in, while also providing a glimpse into the future.”

To celebrate the introduction of LaChapelle’s presence in Miami, the artist will be present for the exhibition opening on January 26 from 7-9 p.m. For more information, visit

“Since we founded VISU Contemporary our vision has been to create a New York style gallery in Miami Beach with enthralling exhibits aiming to nourish souls, our community and artists—year-round,” said Blake Pearson, co-owner and co-curator of VISU Contemporary. “It’s such an honor to welcome David LaChapelle who we’ve revered as an artist for much of our lives.”

The Artist

Born in Harford, Connecticut, in 1963, David LaChapelle attended high school at North Carolina School of the Arts. Originally enrolled as a painter, he developed an analog technique by hand-painting his own negatives to achieve a sublime spectrum of color before processing his film.

At age 17, LaChapelle moved to New York City. Following his first photography show at Gallery 303, he began taking pictures for Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine. One of his first assignments for Warhol was to photograph the budding cultural renaissance in Miami Beach over the summer of 1986. LaChapelle’s unique point of view quickly garnered international interest, and his innovative approach to storytelling established him as one of the world’s most influential living photographers.

Through his mastery of color, unique composition, and imaginative narratives, LaChapelle began to expand the genre of photography. His staged tableau, portrait and still life works challenged devices of traditional photography, and his work quickly gained international interest. By 1997, The New York Times predicted, “LaChapelle is certain to influence the work of a new generation…in the same way that Mr. Avedon pioneered so much of what is familiar today.”

LaChapelle has photographed some of the most recognizable figures in film, music, art, politics and sports, including Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Andy Warhol, Angeline Jolie, Anna Kournikova, Anna Nicole Smith, Avicii, Britney Spears, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Courtney Love, David Beckham, David Bowie, David Hockney, Dennis Hopper, Diana Damrau, Doja Cat, Dolly Parton, Drew Barrymore, Dua Lipa, Eartha Kitt, Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John, Eminem, Faye Dunaway, Giselle, Gloria Estefan, Hillary Clinton, Jackie Chan, Janet Jackson, Jeff Koons, Julian Assange, Kanye West, Kehinde Wiley, Keke Palmer, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Lance Armstrong, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lil’ Kim, Liza Minnelli, Lizzo, Madonna, Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, Marilyn Manson, Mary J. Blige, Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Muhammed Ali, Naomi Campbell, Nicki Minaj, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Ricky Martin, Rita Ora, Sade, Serena Williams, Snoop Dogg, Sofia Coppola, Stevie Nicks, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Tupac Shakur, Uma Thurman, Whitney Houston and many others.

As Forbes magazine stated, “David LaChapelle’s work is not inspired by the zeitgeist; it is the zeitgeist.” 

LaChapelle has become one of the most published photographers throughout the world with an anthology of books, including LaChapelle Land (1996), Hotel LaChapelle (1999), Heaven to Hell (2006), Lost & Found and Good News (2017). Simultaneously, his work has expanded into music video, film and stage projects. His 2005 feature film, Rize, was released theatrically in 17 countries. His portraits, stage and film works of celebrities and culture have become iconic archetypes of America in the 21st century. 

Over the past 30 years, LaChapelle has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums, including the National Portrait Gallery (London), Musee de Monnaie (Paris), Barbican Centre (London), Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Israel), Musee d’Orsay (Paris), Groninger Museum (The Netherlands), Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome), Palazzo Reale (Milan), National Portrait Gallery (Washington, D.C.), Casa dei Tre Oci (Venice), La Venaria Reale (Turin), MUDEC (Milan), Fotografiska (New York) and Salone Degli Incanti (Trieste).

In the fall of 2023, LaChapelle was honored with the “Lorenzo il Magnifico” Lifetime Achievement Award at the XIV Florence Biennale.

For more information, visit or follow on Instagram @david_lachapelle.

About VISU Contemporary

Established in 2022, VISU Contemporary’s success is a testament to Miami’s flourishing position in the global art market.  Located one block from the Miami Beach Convention Center (home to Art Basel) and near The Bass Museum, VISU Contemporary seeks to contribute to the art history conversation by presenting provocative and inclusive exhibitions, projects, installations, collaborations and performances. Featured artists include Kate Abercrombie, Victoria Ahmadizadeh Melendez, Alfredo Álvares Plágaro, Starsky Brines, Amber Cowan, Lara Padilla, Sibylle Peretti, Karen Rifas, Tyler Shields and Hendrik Zimmer.

VISU Contemporary is located at 2160 Park Ave. in Miami Beach. It is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. by appointment. For more information, visit, email to make an appointment, or call 305.496.5180.

About Dr. Bruce M. Halpryn

Dr. Bruce M Halpryn is a serial entrepreneur, as the founder and leader of multiple start-up pharmaceutical companies at the forefront of early-phase new drug development and regulatory affairs. Bruce is currently the CEO, Co-Founder, and Board President of Eikonoklastes Therapeutics, where he continues to contribute his expertise. Bruce is also the Co-owner and Co-Curator with Blake Pearson, of VISU Contemporary art gallery, located in Miami Beach, directly behind The Bass Museum. Bruce is actively engaged in nurturing the arts community. His strategic guidance has been instrumental in shaping the future of numerous arts organizations, particularly in the artistic fields of dance, glass, photography and visual art in general. He has been a collector of art, with a large emphasis on photography, for over 40 years and has forged deep personal relationships with many of the artists in his collection.  Bruce was the President of the Board of FotoFocus, the largest photography and other lens-based art biannual in the USA, for 8 years and remains on the board after reaching his term limit as President.  Bruce is also a shareholder of the Cincinnati Art Museum, where he had a key role in creating and maintaining the Friends of Photography affinity group, and a role in numerous photography acquisitions for the museum collection, and underwriting of photography shows in the museum.

About Blake Pearson

Blake Pearson has represented and relentlessly pursued opportunities for artists for nearly 20 years. Pearson studied under master gelatin silver printers Gay Burke and Flemming Wilson, as well as other fine photography and art print makers, before working in art direction, design and art creation. His education in communications, art and photography as well as his love of conceptual artists, led him to found VISU in 2004- representing a single photographer. Not long after, Pearson helped elevate conceptual image making by being one of the first to bring together photographers, CGI and creative retouching artists to work with top Creative Directors. Since then Pearson has fostered all manner of artists and worked with the world’s most esteemed agencies and brands, including apple, amazon, google, and countless others — with many VISU artists helping to win the world’s major awards (from Cannes Grand Prixs to Emmys). Pearson encourages artists he represents to support non-profits and social activism efforts. This has led to numerous global projects for organizations like Amnesty International, Union of Concerned Scientists, Lonely Whale Foundation and many others. Beyond conceptual art, Pearson enjoys literature, Miami City Ballet, spending time with his family, friends and his two career-changed Southeastern Guide Dogs.

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