Leading visual artist Shawn Kolodny partnered with renowned fragrance brand House of Creed to create new sculptural installations for their holiday window displays in over 30 locations worldwide. Drawing inspiration from Creed’s iconic fragrance bottle, Kolodny has created an immersive installation for store visitors, creating striking installations using his signature medium of mirrored steel spheres. This collaboration will debut at Creed’s Miami Design District store on November 15. 

Visitors to Miami in December will be able to see Kolodny’s artwork at the Creed store, and in other locations around the city as part of Miami Art Week. Kolodny has partnered with the City of Miami Beach, The House of Creed and the Esmeì Miami Beach Hotel to present a new, large-scale public sculpture on EspanÞola Way and Drexel Avenue near Miami Beach. This dynamic sculpture evokes the vibrancy and movement of our ever-changing natural world and invites viewers to become a part of the art amidst their own reflection. To add further dimension to the installation, the public sculpture will be scented by The House of Creed. 

Shawn Kolodny x Creed Holiday Displays at the Creed Miami Design District Boutique, 151 NE 41st St PP-143, Miami, FL 33137

Shawn Kolodny x Creed Public Sculpture: At the intersection of Española Way and Drexel Avenue, Miami Beach

Shawn Kolodny x House of Creed debuts at the Creed Miami Design District Boutique on November 15, 2023

Shawn Kolodny x Creed Public Sculpture will be on view December 4, 2023 – May 10, 2024 

Private Event: Tuesday, December 5, 2023, at the Esmeì Miami Beach Hotel

About Shawn Kolodny
Shawn Kolodny is an artist based in Miami and New York. For the past 15 years, he has created large scale installations for cultural institutions and private residences around the world. Kolodny’s work explores the beauty and geometric synergies of the natural world, and our relationship to our innermost thoughts. His signature, playful works made of reflective steel spheres capture the symmetry, volume and balance present in both nature and design. These spheres are placed together to create new forms that reflect the vibrant and dynamic nature of the world around us, and the impact of our ever-changing perspective. Kolodny’s site-specific and shapeshifting installations construct a kinetic and immersive environment for viewers, creating space for moments of mindfulness and self-reflection within their experience. Transcending the traditional boundaries of art, the artist creates new worlds with each installation, that are at once both fantastical and organic. His practice seeks to encourage viewers to engage with the world around them in new, and more meaningful and imaginative ways, inspiring a childlike wonder. Kolodny’s innovative style has garnered international recognition, and led to collaborations with brands including Missoni, Four Seasons and SCOPE Art Fair. 

For additional information about Shawn Kolodny please visit: https://www.kolodny.art/

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