Arts Connection Successful Debut Exhibition
“Goddesses: Looking or Looked at”, announces

Following the triumphant inauguration of “Goddesses: Looking
or Looked at,” the first individual exhibition by renowned Venezuelan theater designer, academic, and visual artist Fernando Calzadilla, Arts Connection Foundation is excited to invite the public to a captivating event.

Saturday, January 20th, 6:30 pm
Arts Connection Foundation (676 NW 23rd ST, Miami, FL 33127)
Free Admission

The performance will unfold within the immersive backdrop of Calzadilla’s groundbreaking exhibition, offering attendees a unique experience that intertwines painting, theatricality, and photography.

The Arts Connection Gallery is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, providing ample opportunity for art enthusiasts to explore the rich tapestry of “Goddesses: Looking or Looked at” and witness the artistic fusion created by Calzadilla.

The exhibition, featuring 20 masterfully crafted images, will run from January 13th to March 2nd, showcasing a dynamic interplay of various artistic genres. Calzadilla’s innovative approach involves the exchange of surfaces, from the skin of the dense body to the printed photographic record and the background surface, creating a visually striking narrative.

The opening event on January 13th saw the participation of Elaiza Irizarry, responsible for the photographic record, and Andreina Fuentes Angarita, curator of the exhibition.

Noteworthy is Calzadilla’s unconventional presentation, incorporating non-professional models and canvases in a theatrical performance, producing documentary images laden with symbolism.

Among the personalities featured are Priscilla Alemán, María Teresa Alvarado, Ananda De Mello, María Fernanda Di Giacobbe, Luis Fernández, Lázaro Godoy, Isabel Herrera, Elaiza Irizarry, Glenys Irizarry, Margarita Lamas, Mimí Lazo, Indira Páez, Isabel Palacios, Carlota Pradera, Victoria Rose, Tamara Srinivas, Roberto Stopello,
and Fabrizio Verdini.

“Presenting them at the moment of the performance opens up formal and dramatic possibilities for the images they look at while looking at each other” 

Likewise, he explained that some of the images evoke the history of painting, with open references to other works of art such as Titian’s “Venus Urbino” (1538) and Manet’s “Olympia” (1863).

For more information about the exhibition and it’s events, please SMS or call +1 305-546-7304

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