A Tribute to Jesús Rafael Soto and Carlos Cruz Diez on Their Centennial

Carole A. Fewell Gallery |  June 2 – October 22, 2023
Curated by Yuni Villalonga, Director of Curatorial Programs

This exhibition celebrates the centenary of world-renowned artists Jesús Rafael Soto (b. 1923, Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela – d. 2005Paris, France)  and Carlos Cruz-Diez (b. 1923, Caracas, Venezuela – d. 2019, Paris, France.) Visionaries of their time, these artists redefined the relationship between art and architecture, as well as the art experience in the public space. Their explorations are key to the Kinetic and Op Art movements, and influenced many other generations of artists, internationally.

Masters that Changed the City… features a selection of iconic works by the artists that are a clear testament to their significant contributions to the Op and Kinetic Art movements, globally. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of movement, light and optical illusion, from Cruz Diez’s “chromosaturations” to one of Soto’s penetrables. The exhibition conveys these artists’ ability to create immersive environments that challenge our perception and invite us to engage in a unique and profound way. It also provides a historical context for their work, highlighting them as pioneers in the integration of the arts, the architecture, and the urban fabric.

Through educational panels, documentary films, and curator presentations, visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the artists’ legacy and their ongoing influence on contemporary art.

This exhibition is organized in collaboration with Logistic Fine Arts, Miami and Atelier Soto, Caracas-Paris. With it, the Coral Gables Museum joins the international celebrations of the legacy of maestros Cruz Diez and Soto in their centennial.

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