A Review of “Glory of the World: Color Field Painting (1950s to 1983)”

Stepping into the “Glory of the World” exhibition felt like diving into a vast ocean of color rather than merely viewing paintings. Curator Bonnie Clearwater masterfully presents a selection of Color Field masterpieces that transport viewers directly into the creative minds of these abstract expressionists. While Frank Stella’s towering canvases undoubtedly stole the show, the diverse approaches of each artist ensured a dynamic and engaging experience.

The exhibition cleverly avoids simply lumping artists together based on style. Instead, it delves into the distinct perspectives and processes that fueled their vibrant creations. The influence of early abstract painters like Rothko is evident, yet each artist carves his or her own unique path within the Color Field movement. This nuanced approach fosters a deeper appreciation for individual artistic journeys while highlighting the shared exploration of color and form.

Particular praise goes to including works from the early years of Color Field, starting with Helen Frankenthaler’s groundbreaking stain paintings. This chronological approach grounds the movement in its historical context and allows viewers to witness its evolution and impact on later generations. The inclusion of recent reinterpretations from young artists further underscores the enduring relevance of Color Field painting today.

While the artwork is undeniably the show’s star, the accompanying materials deserve mention. The planned publication of a comprehensive exhibition book and the use of insightful wall texts enrich the experience by providing valuable context and analysis. Together, they create a well-rounded exploration catering to casual art enthusiasts and seasoned scholars.

In conclusion, “Glory of the World” is not just an exhibition; it’s an immersive experience that celebrates the transformative power of color and form. By showcasing the diversity and depth within the Color Field movement, the exhibition offers a captivating journey for anyone seeking to discover (or rediscover) the magic of abstract expressionism. It is highly recommended!

11 am – 5 pmNoon – 5 pm11 am – 7 pmClosed
NSU MUSEUM: E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
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