FRESCO Art Exhibition VIP Opening at Lucid Gallery, Miami Design District


Thu May 4, 2023.

Following a highly successful grand opening during Art Basel Miami 2022, Lucid Design District announces its second group exhibition, “Fresco” curated by Graciela Montich. The Opening Reception will take place on Thursday, May 4, 2023, from 6:00-8:00 pm, at Lucid Design District, 10-12 NE 41st St, Miami, FL, 33137. All are welcome and the event is free with RSVP via Eventbrite or at

12 international artists combine young, daring, agile expressions, alive in themselves and a refined purity that materializes a sense of freshness in the soul. View a great diversity of artistic media such as traditional painting, textile art, sculptures, digital animation using abstract techniques, collage, pointillism, paper, fabrics, wool, and more. Participating artists are Alejandra Stier (Argentina), Anne Beatriz (Brazil), Emilie Gosselin (Canada), Graciela Montich (Argentina, Curator), Hiba Alyawer (Washington D.C.), Payal Tak (Miami, Director), Robert Frankel (Chicago), Sandra De Souza (Peru), Silvina Chialva (Argentina), Simi Bhandari (Washington D.C.), Tanja Ličina (Serbia), Victoria Lopez (Argentina). FREE!

Fresco examines, through a wide and diverse body of works, the idea of a ‘fresh start’. For the thirteen participating artists, ‘fresh start’ could mean the simple thrill of applying paint on a blank canvas, or it can infer a life change, career move, or a traumatic turn of events. These life experiences are fundamental components of the artistic process and metaphysical journey.

No matter the circumstances, what binds these artists together is the incessant need to create and communicate. They bring their inner world outside, and make subconscious, conscious. The exhibition is the embodiment of fresco, an ideal world accessible to all who wish to find it.

Lucid Design District aims to be a conduit of communication between emerging and mid-career artists and collectors and art lovers. As both artists and gallerists, owner Payal Tak and curator Graciela Montich can help potential collectors find their perfect match. The collector should first love the work and then learn the story behind the work and the artist’s intent. The art collector can then evaluate the investment potential or art enthusiast find the style that fits interior design scheme.

Interior design trends come and go, but art is timeless. If decorating the home or office is the primary goal, Fresco will be an exhibition of over 75 works to choose from.

Maximalist Interior Design:

Art can be playful and bold with a mix of patterns, colors, and textures.

Marianela Pérez is a visual artist who has developed her voice in painting, photography, and digital art. Photography is pivotal in all of her work in which she transforms the apparently visible (i.e., urban landscapes and everyday objects) into abstract and unique outcomes.

Simi Bhandari borrows from the visual vocabulary that surrounds us. Form and color play an intense role, as they seek to provide meaning and purpose to these works. Using spatial patterns and color shifts, her process is constantly evolving.

Hiba Alyawer, Epic Dream, 2022. Acrylic.
Hiba Alyawer, Epic Dream, 2022. Acrylic.

Hiba Alyawer’s mental refuge as a child as she waited out bomb attacks during Desert Storm with her family. She drew and painted skies in bullet colors, on whatever scraps of paper and cardboard her father could find. Alwayer’s bold and colorful personality are evident in all her work. Her acrylic paintings such as “Epic Dream”, mixed media works and sculptures are infused with vivid and bright colors and varied textures. Scratches and splashes of paint represent life’s unexpected surprises.

Anne Beatriz is a Brazilian abstract artist who creates vibrant art to brighten up any spot. Beatriz often incorporates lace and thread in her style, thus invoking the sense of touch in her art. Leveraging spray paints, oil chalk, acrylic inks and much more, she creates color rich art.

Emilie Gosselin is a French-Canadian artist from Quebec who loves art and colors and finds inspiration in women. Gosselin works her paintings in successive layers. She mixes dripping, knife technique and brushes in her work. She loves working with epoxy resin to complete her works.

Sandra De Souza’s Peruvian roots are a strong influence on her style, characterized by unique, organic textures and bold, bright colors. After relocating to Miami, she was inspired to try new styles and techniques and creates mostly larger-scale pieces, from abstract to surrealist-inspired mixed media paintings.

Robert Frankel is an abstract artist who lives and works in Chicago. His artwork is intuitive and non-conceptual. Many of Frankel’s paintings feature contrasting bright colors along with unusual shapes and patterns.

Sustainable Interior Design:

Not a trend, but a commitment and something that has been embraced by artists since the beginning of time such as upcycle and textile art.

Silvina Chialva’s art is based on imperfection — she is a finder of beauty of the imperfect. Her pieces are done entirely on wool felt, which is cut, dyed, and knitted by hand piece by piece. Each piece is an eternal journey to Patagonian fields. The use of color and the imperfection of manual intervention, makes each object unique and different.

Graciela Montich works with oils on pure linens from Chile. Managing the linen gives freedom to her work and lets her brushes go everywhere with no ends. Montich expresses her interest for the natural world, which she defines as the physical and material world that remains in its original state without the intervention of human beings, as opposed to their artificial world.

Participating artists include: Alejandra Stier (Buenos Aires), Anne Beatriz (Sao Paulo), Emilie Gosselin (Quebec, CA), Graciela Montich (Córdoba, AR), Hiba Alyawer (Washington D.C.), Marianela Perez (Miami), Payal Tak (Miami), Robert Frankel (Chicago), Sandra De Souza (Lima), Silvina Chialva (Córdoba, AR), Simi Bhandari (Washington D.C.), Tanja Ličina (Croatia), Victoria Lopez (Córdoba, AR).

 Payal Tak who is also a participating artist states, “I don’t create art to produce a masterpiece that is written up in magazines or published in art books. I have been designing my art journey to keep propelling me towards new discoveries and new ideas through which I can discover the hidden personalities of color and form. My art is a reflection of my free mind.”

In “To the Core” Tak’s technique mirrors pointillism. Seven rings filled with textural dots are like tree rings that graduate from dark to light with the core being white. When speaking about her diverse art styles Tak explains, “I use un-textured paint to develop textures without mixing external mediums but by simply placing layers upon layers on each other; I use kitchen tools to give shapes to my works.”

Victoria Lopez, Motion.
Victoria Lopez, Motion.
Alejandra Stier, Fly with Nature and Gratitude. 80cm x 50cm or 32”x20”.
Alejandra Stier, Fly with Nature and Gratitude. 80cm x 50cm or 32”x20”.
Tanja Ličina, Tree Leans on Tree. 90cmx120cm. Oil on Canvas.
Tanja Ličina, Tree Leans on Tree. 90cmx120cm. Oil on Canvas.

Tanja Ličina has developed her unique approach to abstract drawing and oil paintings on canvas. She examines different concepts and norms within contemporary societies as well as her own inner worlds mainly focusing on subconscious, absurdity, nothingness, fluidity of time and concept of death/endings, sexual orientation, and gender roles. These concepts are conveyed in works such as “Tree Leans on Tree” – minimal and clear constructivist forms and she accomplishes voluminosity with a valerian sequence of intensive, frequently warm shades.

About Lucid Design District:

Established in 2021 as a studio and exhibition space for founder Payal Tak’s personal artwork, Lucid Design District opened as an art gallery during Art Basel Miami 2022. The gallery is located on Miami Design District’s “art corner” next to Museum Garage and across the street from the de la Cruz Collection and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. The idea of Lucid Design District was born from Tak’s desire to connect with the community through collaborative art exchanges. Lucid Design District will host group exhibitions, educational art talks, and artist networking events. The 3700-sf space is also an ideal environment for design-focused networking events and features a large reception or performance area; 8 curio-style ‘idea spaces’ for solo artist showcases or breakout sessions; a full-size kitchen; and 75’ long outdoor seating or parking area with lights; and a large wall for art installations.

Opening Reception: Thursday May 4 2023 | 6-8pm| Free with RSVP

Gallery Hours: 11 am – 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Additional hours by appointment.

Closing Date: Sunday August 13 2023

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