Visu Contemporary to Exhibit New Paintings by Raúl Cerrillo

The Artist’s First Solo Exhibition in Miami

Jan 21-Feb 25, 2023 — Opening Sat, Jan 21 – 6-8 PM

Visu Contemporary is pleased to announce Raúl Cerrillo’s Inner and Outer Worlds: Finding Balance as the next exhibition in the gallery at 2160 Park Avenue and 22nd Street, Miami Beach. 

This is the artist’s first one-person exhibition in Miami and will includes over 25 new paintings, full of energetic use of color, texture and narratives with various combinations of oil, enamel, spray paint and collage- creating what Cerrillo describes as, “a perfect balance between the conceptual subject and the plastic and chromatic expression.”

In this show you will find paintings clearly influenced in expressionism and the CoBrA movement that break from the traditional rules of composition, figuration and abstraction. 

Cerrillo has always been interested in the challenge of finding his center. His paintings bridge the two worlds we live in: the inner spiritual, and the outside aesthetic and artificial (ying yang). In these recent works viewers can see paintings depicting astronauts in yoga poses which evoke the idea of balance — as well as other paintings impregnated with a sense of personal and recurrent iconography. 

Raul Cerrillo (Mexico City B.1977) is a multidisciplinary artist primarily known for his large-scale thick energetic paintings.  He is focused on finding and creating new paradigms for understanding the mystery of our past mother ancestral cultures with the future of our contemporary technological era. His work transits from a neo-baroque figuration to a visceral and immediate neo-expressionist abstraction with the consistency of distinctive simple archetypal symbols creating a subjective narrative for the spectator. He conceives his work with vast layers of paint and meaning, as his way of understanding the conformation of individuality and life itself through layers and layers of experience as a consequence Raul´s body of work reveals a tremendous amount of evolution in practically all aspects of his craft: style, medium, composition and subject matter. 

Cerrillo trained at the National School of Art “La Esmeralda” (where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera taught) in Mexico City. He has had individual shows in most of the major cities in Mexico and his work has been part of collective exhibitions in Austin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Venice and London. His paintings have been awarded numerous grants and awards, as well as honorable mentions. In 2018 he received the Mexican National Award for Painting “Alfredo Salce”.

Visu Contemporary is an artist first gallery where emphasis is placed on quality and presentation. VISU Contemporary’s mission is to contribute to the art history canon by presenting provocative and inclusive exhibitions, projects, installations, collaborations and performances with the goal of making each exhibition a must-see, while inspiring curiosity and intrigue from every visitor. 

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Raúl Cerrillo, Inner and Outer Worlds: Finding Balance

VISU CONTEMPORARY 2160 Park Avenue, Miami Beach

Opening – Meet the Artist – Jan 21, 2023, 6-8 PM

Jan 21-Feb 25, 2023

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