Top 5 curator interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Curators collect, catalog, and display art and artifacts for museums and other organizations. Successful candidates will be creative, organized, and focused. Avoid those who lack time management or communication skills.

Interview Questions for Curators

1. What do you like about our current displays? What improvements would you make?

Shows preparedness and creativity.

2. Explain how you negotiate a loan or purchase terms. What planning goes into that process?

Demonstrates negotiation skills.

3. Describe your experience with researching pieces and maintaining catalogues.

Shows thoroughness and organization skills.

4. When planning a display, what tasks do you handle? What do you delegate? How do you facilitate teamwork?

Demonstrates management skills and job expectations.

5. How would you promote our events and exhibitions? Use examples from your most successful event to support your answer.

Shows marketing skills.

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