AFROFUTURE by CADA & The Miami Design District

Friday, February 15, 2019 at 6 PM – 9 PM

Paradise Plaza 151 Northeast 41st Street, Miami, Florida 33137

Curators: Ludlow Bailey & The Miami Design District

In Honor of Black History Month

AFROFUTURE is an exhibition designed to express the evolving visual creativity of Global Africa in diaspora associated with Afrofuturism and the cultural movement towards creating a new narrative about the global black experience in the contemporary world.


Addonis Parker, Steven Arboite, Mokhai, Ya La’ford, Morel, George Gadson, Robert Mcknight, Hattie Mae Williams, Gene Tinnie and Johnny Bess.


Contemporary African Diaspora Art – CADA

Black African Cultures have survived centuries of Arab and European slave trades and invasion, domestic oppression, inter-tribal wars and economic exploitation resulting in the displacement of African peoples — the African Diaspora — throughout the world. Over the last thirty years, people of African descent are blossoming and rising up out of their slumber. The result is a new breed of contemporary artist. A renaissance in African cultural awareness is emerging in the global art world with a unique voice that was once grossly underrepresented. Yet Contemporary Africana culture in multiple mediums and genres — music, art, literature, dance, religion, fashion and film — represents some of the world’s most spirited, intellectual, esthetic and inspiring popular culture. CADA is dedicated to giving Contemporary African Art and Artists a platform of exposure to reach and teach new audiences. We produce African art exhibitions, panel discussions, seminars, curriculae, video and film. This web site and multi-media platform were designed to promote the visual art culture of people of African descent in today’s world. Visitors are welcome to taste the visual flavors unique to the people of the African Diaspora.

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