7 Interesting Facts About Gelato

Looking for the best Italian gelato in Miami? Look no further than our South Miami family-friendly restaurant! Our love of modern Italian cuisine has taken us to Italy more than any other country and we’ve brought back our own twist on many Italian favorites, including gelato. As Top Chef Finalists, we are committed to bringing you the finest Italian gelato in Miami. You’ll want to try our Dark Chocolate and Caramel Sea Salt gelato to cool down in this heat. Our delicious Tahitian Vanilla and Sicilian Hazelnut versions will help bring down the temperature as well. As one of our favorite Italian treats, it may surprise you that gelato has a rich history!

The Brief History of Gelato

Gelato originated in Italy and its modern-day form is credited to Francesco Procopio Dei Coltelli. He created the first ice cream machine, opened his first cafe in Paris, and introduced gelato. He gained fame throughout Europe and eventually obtained French citizenship. King Louis XIV granted Procopio an exclusive license, making him the only producer of gelato in the region. 

However, crushed ice has been consumed since 3000 BC! Years later, the ancient Egyptians would make a custom of offering guests a cup of crushed ice flavored with fruit juices. The Romans would begin the same custom using ice from the Etna and Vesuvius volcanoes covered with honey. 

As the Italian renaissance emerged, the invention of gelato can be traced back to Bernardo Buontalenti. The Florentine artist and architect developed and presented a refrigeration method that was eventually introduced to King Henry II in France. It was later introduced to the U.S by Giovanni Biasioli in 1770 in New York. But when the hand crank freezer was invented and the industrial ice cream industry in the U.S. grew, gelato took a back seat. During this time, there were two types of gelato. Also known as Sorbetto or Sorbet, this type of gelato consisted of a combination of ice and fruit juices. The other type of gelato was made by combining milk, cinnamon, pistachio, coffee, or chocolate. Gelato didn’t gain mass popularity until the 1920s. 

In 1964, Luciano Rabboni was working in his garage on new gelato flavors in the province of Reggio Emilia where he founded the company PreGel. The name is a reference to the production process that precedes the final gelato product. Rabboni continues to revolutionize the gelato industry with high quality and artisanal gelato. His award-winning gelato products have led to the expansion of his business to 130 countries around the world. 

The Brief History of Gelato

Interesting Gelato Facts 

It’s safe to say that gelato has become a household item yet remains somewhat of a mystery. Those who love this Italian desert may not know how it’s made or what the word means. Here are 5 fun gelato facts you may not know about gelato: 

  • Making gelato – Ice cream in Italy is made with sugar, milk, and various flavorings. It differs from western ice cream in that it is made with less cream and no egg yolks. When milk is removed from the recipe and replaced with water, it becomes a sorbet. Gelato is much denser than ice cream due to the low air content of the churning process. It has 70% less air than other frozen desserts. This causes it to melt in your mouth much faster than regular ice cream, giving it a creamier and stronger flavor and texture. 
  • Gelato meaning – The word “gelato” comes from the Italian word “congelato”, which means frozen. A gelato shop is called a “gelateria” and the person serving it is called “gelati.” It is best served the day it’s made. 
  • Less fattening – Another reason to eat more gelato is its low-fat content. It contains 3-8% less fat than regular ice cream and is much more flavorful. Traditional ice cream contains 10-17% milk fat. Since it is made with less butterfat, the flavors are bolder and don’t coat your palette in the same ways that ice cream does. 
  • Gelato business – Business is booming and gelato is a 200 million dollar empire. Many ice cream brands have incorporated gelato options into their line of ice cream offerings. Talenti, Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen-Dazs are three of the largest sellers of gelato. 
  • Popular flavors – Some of the most popular flavors include chocolate hazelnut, fig, coconut, pistachio, and lemon gelato. The slow churn makes these flavors more vibrant and creamy. Lemon gelato is relatively simple and easy to make at home. If you have extra lemons sitting in your kitchen, you’ll want to bring out the ice cream maker and make this frozen treat. 
  • Authentic gelato – If you’re looking for authentic gelato, you’ll need to get it from a shop that uses a spade or paddle. Authentic gelateria doesn’t use scoops because a paddle is better equipped to smoothly scoop gelato. There is an art to making and serving authentic gelato and any shop you buy from should be aware of that. When you visit Italy, it’s best to know the appropriate lingo and terms to use when ordering gelato. If you’re looking for a gelato flavor that contains caffeine, be sure to order Affogato which is made with espresso. If you prefer whipped cream on top of your gelato, you’ll want to order a Gelato con Panna. Ice cream sandwiches are referred to as Brioche con Gelato. 
  • Gelato World Cup – The International Gelato World Cup is real. It is formerly called Coppa Del Mondo Della Gelateria, people from across the globe attend to try the best gelato treats and sculptures. Since 2003, the Gelato World Cup has been held every 2 years which features ice sculptors, pastry chefs,  gelato makers, and chefs from around the world. The competition is arranged by Sigep – Italian Exhibition Group Spa and Gelato e Cultura s.r.l., and the principles it abides by are integrity, professionalism, and fairness. The Gelato World Cup collaborates with the World Committee of Honor, which is a board of professionals who oversee the transparency, reliability, and fairness of the competition. A selection is made from a group of 11 teams to compete for the world championship title based on 7 categories that include gelato, pastry, haute cuisine, and ice sculpture. 
Interesting Gelato Facts 

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We are ready to serve you our modern twist on authentic gelato! With so many delicious flavors, you can’t go wrong with our selection. While you’re here, you’ll want to try our other sweet treats like Tiramisu, made with espresso-soaked ladyfinger cookies, hazelnuts, and mascarpone mousse. You may also be interested in Spumoni Sundae made with pistachio and vanilla bean gelato, morello cherry granita, and chocolate-dipped cannoli. 

Start your meal with our crowd favorites like Not Your Nonna’s Bolognese, made with slow-braised veal, pork and beef bolognese sauce, pappardelle pasta, local burrata, and basil. Other best selling dishes include Bucatini Carbonara made with crispy pancetta, parmesan cheese, English peas, and black pepper. Top your meal off with a refreshing spritz and sweet gelato! Make a reservation or order from our take out menu today! 

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