When Art Meets Wine

When world-famous graffiti artist Miguel Paredes partnered with founder & CEO, Joe Peleg to design bottles and cans for FUN WINE, the inspiration for the brand came to life in its packaging. Much like the wine, the packaging needed to reflect the culture & vibe of Miami – inspired by art, fashion and music

The result? A bold, iconic, and disruptive bottle that serves as more than an Instagram-worthy moment. It’s a conversation, like drinking out of a piece of art.

Joe Peleg, Founder & CEO of the FUN WINE Company wanted to provide an alternative to traditional wine with a fun, refreshing, and flavor-packed bubbly wine that would have mass appeal. So he partnered with artist Miguel Paredes to design the eye-catching bottles. He believes wine should be fun and not intimidating or stuck up, a wine that people of all ages can enjoy. He wanted to create a wine with popular flavors at an attractive price than traditional wine.  At the same time, Joe had a desire to create “FUN WINE®.” The market saw a developing trend stirring away from beer towards the Alternative Alcohol Beverages and a global movement to “Better for You”  alternatives. 

FUN WINE flavors of the new Hard Bubbly Collection include: Strawberry Rosé Moscato, Peach Passion Moscato, Coconut Pineapple Chardonnay, and Sangria as well as the Café Graffiti Collection: Cappuccino Chardonnay and Espresso Cabernet not only in stores but through national partnerships, activations, and campaigns.

Headquartered in Miami, the Fun Wine Company produces and markets low-alcohol, lightly carbonated “Better for You” everyday wine drinks in a portfolio of flavors distributed on six continents. FUN WINE blends exciting flavors with unique fragrances and a touch of carbonation in artistic, 750 ml glass bottles and 330 mL aluminum recyclable bottles currently available at chain retail, supermarkets, pharmacy, and c-store locations. FUN WINE is built on four pillars: flavor, innovation, price, and art. Focused on eliminating the pretense often associated with traditional wine, Fun Wine makes wine fun for every drinking age while keeping prices affordable for mass appeal.

The Company recently closed a financing of $6,000,000 in 8%, 2-year notes convertible at a valuation of $90,000,000. Participants in the financing included lead investor Avon Road Partners of New Hope, PA, Cedarview Capital Management of New York City, Ross Family Trust of Boca Raton, FL, and a private New York investor.

“We have invested over $15 million in the business to get to this point in our company’s growth, and are elated that new investors continue to find FUN WINE as exciting an investment opportunity as we do,” says FUN WINE Founder & CEO Joe Peleg. 

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