Karen Rifas 3819 Visu Contemporary
Karen Rifas 3819 Visu Contemporary

Visu Contemporary to present Sculpture and Repetition in Painting an exhibit featuring works by Alfredo Álvares Plágaro, Karen Rifas and Hendrik Zimmer.

Visu Contemporary is delighted to announce its upcoming exhibit, Sculpture and Repetition in Painting — featuring the remarkable works of three distinguished artists: Alfredo Álvares Plágaro, Karen Rifas and Hendrik Zimmer. The exhibit will be on display at the gallery from August 19th to September 16th, 2023, with an opening reception on Saturday, August 19th from 6-8pm.
By incorporating repetition and sculptural elements into paintings, artists introduce texture and depth, while playing to our senses of physicality. The importance of the original form is lost and we are drawn to multifarious reiterations. Kusama, LeWitt, Warhol, among many other artists have used repetition and sculpture within their works to great effect. Sculpture and Repetition in Painting offers a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts and collectors to immerse themselves in a diverse display of contemporary artworks which explore and push the edges of artistic expression. 

Alfredo Álvarez Plágaro is an acclaimed artist known for his Identical Paintings series he began in 1989, which includes works with multiple repetitions of the same motif, painted in exactly the same manner. In the late ‘90s he held, Two Identical Exhibitions parallel shows, with identical works in two Madrid locations. Plágaro eludes the compulsion toward originality, stating, “repetition has become the most important motive of my artistic will.” Plagaro’s paintings bear a distinct influence of sculpture with their captivating three-dimensionality, which intrinsically accompanies his process.


Karen Rifas uses a precise palette of contrasting hues to transform spatial perception, creating sculptural forms which draw viewers into her works. Rifa’s distinctive geometric abstractions, dedication to form and hand painting places her among other great female artists such as Lee Carmen Herrera and Zilia Sanchez.

Hendrik Zimmer found his way to painting after studying with the renowned sculptor Tobias Rehberger. Zimmer’s practice revolves around the exploration of materiality and the creative process, which he describes as one where the works emerge as paintings through sculpture.” Zimmer’s unique large-scale woodcuts feature precise geometric forms and saturated colors, inviting viewers to fill the spaces and gaps with their own interpretations. His unique artistic process, where sculptures transform into paintings, unveils a harmonious integration of two distinct art forms.

Visu Contemporary is an artist first gallery where emphasis is placed on quality and presentation. VISU Contemporary’s mission is to contribute to the art history canon by presenting provocative and inclusive exhibitions, projects, installations, collaborations and performances with the goal of making each exhibition a must-see, while inspiring curiosity and intrigue from every visitor.

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Sculpture and Repetition in Painting 

Aug 19-Sep 16, 2023 – opening reception Saturday, August 19th – 6-9pm


2160 Park Avenue, Miami Beach 

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