Unveiling “INSIDE THE WALLS”: A Captivating Art Exhibition

Coral Gables Museum May 24, 2024

By Nubia Abaji 

On a pleasant afternoon in Coral Gables, the art community gathered at the Museum for the highly anticipated opening night of “INSIDE THE WALLS,” curated by Gabriela Fernández. The exhibition promised to offer an exploration of contemporary themes through the lens of emerging artists. The evening did not disappoint, leaving attendees with admiration and thought-provoking reflections on the importance of cultural roots and the collective as denoted in the centerpiece of the room. 

“INSIDE THE WALLS” transcends traditional exhibition boundaries by inviting viewers to delve deeper into the intimate spaces that define the human experience. 

  The exhibition features a variety of media, including paintings, sculptures, installations, textile pieces and photography, each of which contributes to the overall narrative of personal and collective spaces.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the collaborative installation created by a group of around ten artists from the organization FAMA (Fiber Art Miami Artists), among whom we were able to meet the artists Marine Fonteyne, Roberta Blatt, Valeria Montag, Vero Murphy, all under the direction of Aurora Molina. This piece, built within the Museum itself, serves as the focal point of the exhibition. Molina, a celebrated artist known for her intricate and socially moving works, orchestrated this collaboration to reflect the dynamism and complexity of community and identity. The installation, a sprawling, multifaceted textile structure, invites visitors to navigate its corners, each turn revealing a new perspective or hidden story. It encapsulates the essence of “INSIDE THE WALLS” by transforming the museum space into a living work of art.

Molina’s collaboration with FAMA artists is a testament to the power of collective creativity. Each artist has a unique contribution which is woven into the overall tapestry, creating a cohesive and richly layered piece. The installation is an evocative exploration of themes such as belonging, memory, and the invisible walls that protect and confine us at the same time. Visitors are encouraged to physically and metaphorically enter “within the walls”, interacting with the art on a personal level.

As guests wandered through the exhibition, they were able to view a variety of other fascinating works. Paintings that blur the line between reality and abstraction, sculptures that challenge spatial perceptions, and multimedia pieces such as photographs that offer rich sensory experiences that contribute to the depth of “INSIDE THE WALLS.” 

Opening night was not only a visual feast but also a celebration. The large audience, which included several artists, enhanced the immersive experience, allowing attendees to lose themselves in the art. The statement “I am you, and you are me, we are all one” by one of the visiting artists, Rafael Montilla, and his performance “KUBEMAN” coincides perfectly with this collective and reminds us again of the importance of the interrelation of one and other. It was very pleasant to be able to share with the Paris-based artist Maüi Trujillo, accompanied by the Artists Magaly Otaola, Gady Alroy, and the prominent curator Jose Antonio Navarrete, the conversations between art lovers’ ideas and interpretations.

“INSIDE THE WALLS” will run for six months, giving the public ample opportunity to interact with this extraordinary exhibition. In the evening with museum director Elvis Fuentes, we reiterated that the Coral Gables Museum is a valuable center of cultural and artistic exchange that solidifies its status as a cornerstone of the community with this exhibition.

Photos courtesy of Red Thread Art Studio (Angela Bolaños, Anna Biondo, Aurora Molina, Aida Tejada, Bella Cardim, Debora Rosental, Fernanda Froes, Flavia Daudt, Flor Godward, Juliana Torres, Marcela Ash, Marine Fonteyne, Mirele Volkart, Paola Mondolfi, Roberta Blatt, Sarah Laing, Valeria Montag, Vero Murphy)

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