Written by Joely Rogers

What’s your style? Most people have distinct preferences when it comes to their home surroundings. Paint color, furnishings, art and decor all work together to create various ambiences that we gravitate toward. Of course our choices can change over time, or we can blend in other “flavors” to mix things up. As creative people, that’s to be expected!

Let’s take a peek at four popular interior designs, along with frames that work well with each. After all, the artwork and photography on our walls and shelves should fit seamlessly into the atmosphere we’re going for.

Mid-Century Modern

If we looked around your living room and saw sofas with tapers legs, wingback chairs and an art deco lamp, we might get the impression you’re into Mid-Century Modern design. This style became popular in the 1940s and we’re still enamored with the high-function minimalism, organic shapes and retro vibe. You’re free to come on strong with bold colors and quirky accessories with this style.

Frame the look. If you’re looking to frame 1960s pop art, a colorful vintage travel poster or geometric shapes like starbursts, consider the brightly saturated Nielsen Profile 117V Metal Frames in a variety of colors, or a “Stainless Steel” Wood Frame for a softer complement to vibrant art.


Peaceful and pretty, Coastal design transports us to the beach via chic seaside touches. Not to be confused with nautical interior design—which can quickly drift into kitschy with anchor, shell and fish visuals—Coastal design is more subtle. Think turquoise glass, seagrass rugs, earth-toned pottery or statement driftwood or rope pieces. Calming neutral colors are often balanced with one or two vivid hues, and don’t feel limited to blue and aqua. Palm-tree greens, coral pinks and sunset orange can fit in nicely to your Coastal decor.

Frame the look. Lighter wood frames like a White Wood Frame or a natural wood-grain Wood Frame Profile 547 to help complete your seaside retreat. Frame Destination makes it easy to either customize or narrow down your options for a standard-size frame.


If you appreciate simplicity, uncluttered spaces, clean lines (straight or flowy), you probably lean toward contemporary design. This approach places emphasis on open space rather than objects for a streamlined look. Black, white and neutrals are often the stars in a contemporary palette—although the long-favored neutral gray is said to be going out of style with the new decade. Some experts report that navy is the new gray, with other bold, dark colors replacing neutrals. (This makes sense considering Pantone’s Color of the Year is Classic Blue.)

Frame the look. When it comes to framing your artwork, Black Wood Frames, Wood Frame Profile 311 (burled wood with bright color options and a satin or glossy finish), and Nielsen Profile 117V Metal Frames in assorted bright colors all really pop in a contemporary-style home.

Modern Farmhouse

Fans of the HGTV show “Fixer Upper” can spot the Modern Farmhouse look from a mile away. The program’s star couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, have earned their fame and fortune creating rustic-yet-modern feel to home spaces. Here you see design elements like distressed woods, vintage treasures, apron sinks, and a whitewashed palette. What takes an interior from comfortable Farmhouse to the more sophisticated Modern Farmhouse are elements like metal accents and rich hues that stand out against a creamy backdrop.

Frame the look. Wood frames do a great job of securing the warm feel of a Modern Farmhouse style home. Especially wood frames in lighter colors like the Wood Frame Profile 547 in a range of neutrals, or drustic-meets-modern Wood Frame Profile 703 . The sheen of this White Metal Frame P117 can also work to balance the prevalence of wood.

Source: https://www.framedestination.com/blog/picture-frames/top-4-interior-design-styles-and-frames-that-fit-right-in

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