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The ROA Family: Where Master Craftsmanship Meets Dreamy Spaces

ROA: Custom made wood furniture that whispers your dreams. Handcrafted spaces, bespoke designs, built to last, built to love.

In the heart of South Florida, where sunlight dances on turquoise waters and palm trees whisper secrets to the breeze, lies a family steeped in the art of transforming dreams into reality. Meet the ROA family, not just a company, but a legacy spanning three generations, where wood whispers stories, fabric sings with vibrant hues, and passion forges masterpieces.

From Sawdust to Symphony:

The ROA story begins with calloused hands wielding tools, a symphony of saws and hammers serenading the workshop. Founded in 2007, it’s the culmination of three generations of master carpenters and upholsterers, their skills a whispered inheritance passed down through years. In their veins flows the magic of wood, their touch whispering grace into each grain, their minds shaping raw planks into furniture that dreams call home.

Beyond Functionality, Embracing Art:

But ROA is more than just expert craftsmanship. It’s where artistry breathes life into form. Each piece is an ode to individuality, a bespoke dance with client desires. Whether it’s a kitchen that sparks culinary poetry, a bathroom that cradles serenity, or a bedroom that lulls you into the arms of dreams, ROA tailors wood and fabric to your soul’s whispers.

A Canvas Wider Than Oceans:

ROA’s artistry isn’t confined to land. On the open seas, yachts and boats become their canvas. Marine upholstery is transformed into an exquisite ballet of needle and thread, weaving sun-kissed decks with comfort and crafting interiors that rival the ocean’s shimmering allure. From central consoles that command respect to custom sofas that whisper with ocean breezes, ROA turns every nautical dream into a tangible haven.

The Heart of ROA: Passion and Innovation:

But what truly sets ROA apart is the beating heart of the family. Passion pulsates through their veins, evident in the glint in their eyes as they discuss a new project, the infectious smile that blooms when a client’s face lights up at the finished masterpiece. This passion fuels their drive to innovate, to push the boundaries of craft, to blend heritage with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that every piece is not just functional, but a timeless work of art.

A Legacy Etched in Wood and Woven in Thread:

Walking through the ROA workshop is akin to stepping into a living museum. The scent of freshly cut wood mingles with the aroma of leather, each tool bearing the marks of generations. It’s a testament to their dedication, a living legacy etched in wood and woven in thread.

Today, ROA stands as a beacon of bespoke luxury, a family whose name whispers quality, artistry, and unwavering commitment to bringing dream spaces to life. If you seek furniture that sings your soul’s lullaby, if you yearn for a space that’s an extension of your heart, then step into the world of ROA. Let them transform your dreams into wood and fabric, crafting a haven that whispers your story long after the last hammer falls silent.

Beyond furniture, ROA custom wood furniture design that sings your story. Let your dreams take shape in sculpted wood.

ROA Woodwork Crafts Commercial Dreamscapes

At ROA Woodwork, we don’t just manufacture generic furniture. We create bespoke pieces that are tailored to your commercial space, whether it’s a lively restaurant, a luxurious hotel lobby or a vibrant bar.

Our skilled artisans are not just carpenters, they are dream weavers. They merge traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs, crafting each piece to withstand the daily wear and tear and elevate the overall experience.

Imagine restaurant guests seated in custom-made booths, enjoying the warmth of the reclaimed wood and the joy of shared meals. Or hotel guests sinking into plush armchairs, wrapped in comfort as they unwind during their stay. Or bar patrons admiring a central console sculpted from exotic hardwoods, its elegance complementing the lively buzz of conversation.

We use only high-quality materials and meticulous techniques to ensure your furniture can withstand heavy use and the occasional spills. We also understand the importance of functionality in commercial spaces, and we design every curve and angle to enhance the flow and purpose of your establishment.

We work closely with you to translate your vision into a tangible reality. No mass-produced monotony or cookie-cutter designs. Every space is unique and deserves a custom-made touch.

From the initial spark of inspiration to the final installation, ROA Woodwork is your partner in crafting commercial dreamscapes. Contact us today to bring your vision to life.

“Where the Ocean Meets Artisanry: ROA Marine – Crafting Dreams on the Waves”

Forget generic boat interiors. At ROA Marine, we don’t just upholster seats; we paint your nautical dreams on the very canvas of your yacht. From West Palm Beach to Key Largo, we are the alchemists, transforming fiberglass into havens of luxury and artistry.


Commanding the waves from a central console sculpted from hand-selected hardwoods, with the ocean breeze whispering through custom-stitched leather.

Stateroom walls adorned with exquisite upholstery, each pattern echoing the rhythm of the tides.

Sun-kissed decks adorned with bespoke cushions, where laughter mingles with the salty air.

Our team is more than just skilled; they are marine whisperers. They understand the unique challenges of the open sea, crafting every piece to withstand the sun’s caress and the ocean’s embrace.

Durability? Built into every stitch. We utilize marine-grade materials and weather-resistant techniques, ensuring your boat’s interior weathers the storms with timeless elegance.

Custom? Your captain, your chart. We collaborate with you, translating your vision into a tangible reality. Whether it’s a classic nautical aesthetic or a modern masterpiece, we bring your dreamboat to life.

ROA Marine is your partner in crafting nautical dreamscapes, from reupholstery to complete renovations. Contact us today and let’s set sail on a journey of creating the most stunning boat interior on the waves.

ROA: Unforgettable custom wood work for your soul. Bespoke pieces, timeless quality, whispering comfort you can feel.


ROA specializes in crafting custom kitchens that are more than just cooking spaces. They are places where meals can become stories and laughter can simmer around custom islands. Each piece is hand-sculpted by masters and designed to create functional and breathtaking spaces. Forget pre-fabricated cabinets. ROA weaves your vision into reality. Whether you want a contemporary haven bathed in light or a rustic sanctuary where wood whispers tales of forgotten feasts, ROA will make it happen. Every drawer glides with silent precision, and every surface is a testament to their enduring craftsmanship. From the warmth of reclaimed wood to the sleek gleam of Italian marble, ROA offers a symphony of textures and finishes. Collaborate with their artisans to create your dream kitchen.


ROA elevates the humble closet into a sanctuary for your treasures. They offer solutions where walls whisper secrets of organization, shelves cradle prized possessions, and custom drawers glide open to reveal curated chaos transformed into elegant order. Their expert planners translate your needs into bespoke solutions, maximizing every inch, embracing light and natural textures, and weaving a thread of functionality through the fabric of your daily routine. Whether you want a sprawling walk-in wardrobe or a meticulously crafted dressing nook, ROA tailors the space to your lifestyle. Each shelf and each hanger whispers efficiency and style, ensuring your mornings begin with a confident flourish.


At ROA, the bathroom is more than just a space for hygiene. They craft sanctuaries where steam kisses marble, and every towel whispers luxury. Imagine vanities sculpted from the soul of ancient trees, mirrors reflecting serenity, and custom storage that anticipates your every need. Whether you seek a spa-like retreat or a glamorous escape, their artisans will translate your desires into reality. Bathtubs sculpted for long soaks, showers adorned with steam-defying elegance, and vanities that blend artistry with functionality. ROA’s experts collaborate with you to ensure that every detail echoes your unique story. Choose from a treasure trove of materials, textures, and finishes, and let them orchestrate a symphony of water, light, and stone that whispers your name.


ROA doesn’t just build beds; they forge havens for slumber. Each frame is handcrafted to cradle you in comfort, headboards are woven with stories, and nightstands become loyal companions during quiet evenings. ROA can bring your vision to life whether you want a rustic haven bathed in earthy tones or a contemporary dreamscape where light dances on crisp lines. Their expert upholsterers weave fabrics into symphonies of texture, inviting you to sink into blissful repose. Whether you crave a sprawling main suite or a charming nook for stolen moments of rest, ROA tailors the space to your soul’s whispers. Every detail, from hidden storage to integrated reading nooks, invites you to unwind and dream under the watchful gaze of handcrafted beauty.

Beyond Mere Storage, Sculpting Stories: Forget boxy shelves and hollow displays. ROA wall units are woven tapestries of wood and functionality, where stories are curated, treasures are showcased, and memories echo. Imagine handcrafted nooks housing prized novels, floating shelves cradling family heirlooms, and a sleek console that becomes the stage for laughter-filled evenings.
A Dance of Form and Function: Our artisans are not just furniture builders but spatial sorcerers who bend light and wood to your will. Your design desires become a reality, whether it’s a modern masterpiece in glass and steel or a rustic symphony of reclaimed timber. Every curve, every angle, whispers efficiency and whispers style.
From Media Marvels to Cozy Companions: Whether you envision a sprawling wall unit housing your entertainment empire or a minimalist masterpiece for your favorite reads, ROA tailors the space to your soul’s whispers. Our designs embrace technology while prioritizing warmth, ensuring your living room becomes an oasis of both indulgence and serenity.

Walls Whispering Personality: At ROA, we transform blank canvases into captivating narratives. Imagine walls imbued with texture, depth, and visual poetry crafted from the whispers of your desires. Our architects and artisans collaborate with you, translating your vision into bespoke paneling that reflects your unique story.
From Rustic Charm to Modern Flair: Our palette is limitless, from the warmth of reclaimed wood to the sleek gleam of Italian marble. We offer a symphony of textures and finishes, ready to dance with your design dreams. Let us orchestrate a symphony of light and shadow on your walls, creating a space that resonates with your personality.
More Than Aesthetics, An Oasis of Function: Our panels aren’t just visually stunning; they’re functional magicians. We integrate hidden storage, acoustic dampening, and even subtle lighting, ensuring your space is beautiful and whispers peace and productivity.

Where Fabric Meets Fantasy: Forget mass-produced monotony. ROA upholstery is bespoke tailoring for your furniture dreams. Imagine plush cushions echoing the comfort of a favorite hug, fabrics dancing with vibrant hues, and headboards woven with the whispers of a good night’s sleep.
Durability Woven into Every Thread: We embrace heirloom quality, using only the finest materials and time-honored techniques. Our upholsterers are alchemists who transform raw thread into enduring masterpieces resistant to spills, wear, and the passage of time.
Beyond Function, An Avatar of Your Style: Whether you crave classic elegance or modern whimsy, ROA tailors the fabric to your soul. We collaborate with you, ensuring every stitch reflects your personality, creating furniture that’s as unique as you are.

Custom Wood Furniture: West Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers and Naples.

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