Art in Public Places is a City of Miami Beach program for curating and commissioning public art. The program was created in 1984, with its ordinance adopted in 1995. The program allocates funds totaling 2% of hard costs for City Projects and joint private/public Projects. Appointed by the City Commission, the AiPP Committee’s seven members serve in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and City Commission.  Artworks commissioned by the City of Miami Beach Art in Public Places should add value to the public art collection, attract international attention and celebrate the diversity and heritage of Miami Beach.

Public Art Collection

Juana Valdes - Color Bone China Rags

Juana Valdés Colored Bone China Rags (2017-2022)


Jaume Plensa Minna

Starchild Image 2

FriendsWithYou Starchild

Basel_Helena_Anrather_O0A9754-1_PhotoCredit_Daniel_Terna copy

Farah Al Qasimi Plant Market/ Stray Flowers in Swimming Pool/ Still Life with Sample Text and Piña Coladas


Amoako Boafo Cobalt Blue Earring

Sonic Dreamscapes by Bill Fontana Photo by Robin Hill (c) LO RES (17)

Bill Fontana

Sonic Dreamscapes

Dan Graham Morris' Main

Dan Graham Morris’


Ebony G. Patterson

…as the garden secrets a swarm of monarchs feast..

Atlantis by Ellen Harvey Photo by Robin Hill (c) HI RES (10)

Ellen Harvey Atlantis

Bent Pool by Elmgreen and Dragset Photo by Robin Hill (c) HI RES (11)

Elmgreen & Dragset Bent Pool

About Sand by Franz Ackerman Photo by Robin Hill (c) HI RES(44)

Franz Ackermann About Sand

Humanoids by Joep Van Lieshout Photo by Robin Hill (c) HI RES (6)

Joep van Lieshout Humanoids

Located World Miami Beach by Joseph Kosuth Photo by Robin Hill (c) HI RES (23)

Joseph Kosuth Located World


Roy Lichtenstein Mermaid


Sanford Biggers Somethin’ Close to Nothin’

Morris Lapidus by Sarah Morris 1

Sarah Morris

Morris Lapidus


Tobias Rehberger eloquent south pointe park pier gate, 2014


Tobias Rehberger obstinate lighthouse

Liquid Measures NE Elevation

Wendy Wischer Liquid Measures

Art in Public Places Committee

  • Marcella Novella (Chair)
  • Aaron Resnick, Esq.
  • Ann-Kathrin Seif
  • Nick D’Annunzio
  • Dr. Yolanda Sanchez
  • Sara de los Reyes
  • Gabriel Páez
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