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AIVAZOVSKY, IVAN (1817-1900) Russian landscape painter
Ivan Aivazovsky – The Ninth wave

ARCIMBOLDO, GIUSEPPE (1527-1593) Italian Renaissance painter
Giuseppe Arcimboldo – biography

BAROCCI, FEDERICO (1535-1612) Italian Renaissance painter
Federico Barocci at the Saint Louis Art Museum (2012)

BERNINI, GIAN LORENZO (1598-1680) Italian baroque sculptor
Portrait Busts by Bernini at the Getty (2008)
Bernini’s terracotta models at the Metropolitan (2012)

BLAKE, WILLIAM (1757-1827) British artist
The River of Life – William Blake at the Tate Liverpool (2008)
‘A new heaven is begun’ – William Blake at the Morgan Museum (2009)

BOSCH, HYERONIMUS (c.1450-1516) Flemish Renaissance painter
“The garden of delights” – 50 masterworks of painting

BRUEGHEL, PIETER (c.1526/30 – 1569) Flemish Renaissance painter
“The triumph of the death” – 50 masterworks of painting

CHURCH, FREDERIC EDWIN (1826-1900) American romantic painter
Frederic Edwin Church’s Maine landscapes in Portland (2012)
Frederic Church and the Landscape Oil Sketch (2013)

COURBET, GUSTAVE (1819-1877) French realistic painter
Gustave Courbet: from Paris to New York

CRANACH, LUCAS the Elder (1472-1553) German painter
Lucas Cranach the elder at the Royal Academy

DAUMIER, HONORÉ (1808-1879) French realist painter
Honoré Daumier and the Caricature, Cantor Arts Center (2012)

DELACROIX, EUGÈNE (1798-1863) French romantic painter
“Liberty leading the people” – 50 masterworks of painting
Eugène Delacroix at CaixaForum Madrid (2011)

DURER, ALBRECHT (1471-1528) German Renaissance painter
“View of Arco” – 50 masterworks of painting
Albrecht Dürer: self-portrait – 10 great self-portraits

FRANCESCA, PIERO DELLA (c.1415-1492) Italian painter
“The dream of Constantine” – 50 masterworks of painting

FRIEDRICH, CASPAR DAVID (1774-1840) German romantic painter
“Chalk cliffs at Rügen” – 50 masterworks of painting
Friedrich at the Nationalmuseum, Sweden (2009)

GIORGIONE (c.1478-1510) Italian Renaissance painter
“The tempest ” – 50 masterworks of painting

GIOTTO DI BONDONE (1266-1337) Italian Renaissance painter
Giotto di Bondone – biography

GOYA, FRANCISCO DE (1746-1828) Spanish painter and engraver
Dark Goya – a virtual tour on Goya’s Black paintings
Goya – Lights and Shadows, at CaixaForum Barcelona (2012)
Goya’s ‘Disasters of War’ at the Georgia Museum of Art (2012)

GRECO, EL (1541-1614) Greek/Spanish Renaissance painter
El Greco and Modernism – Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf (2012)

HALS, FRANS (c.1582-1666) Dutch Baroque painter
Frans Hals’s brave brushwork at the Metropolitan (2011)

HUI, WANG (1632-1717) Chinese painter
Landscapes Clear and Radiant: The Art of Wang Hui at the Metropolitan (2008)

INGRES, JEAN AUGUSTE DOMINIQUE (1780-1867) French Neoclassical painter
Drawings by Ingres at the Morgan Library and Museum (2011)

KUINDZHI, ARKHIP (1842-1910) Russian landscape painter
Arkhip Kuindzi: “Dnepr in the morning”

LEONARDO DA VINCI (1452-1519) Italian Renaissance painter
Searching the real da Vinci code: a complete analysis
Leonardo da Vinci: self-portrait – 10 great self-portraits
Landmark exhibition of Leonardo opens in London (2011)

LEVITAN, ISAAC (1861-1900) Russian landscape painter
Arkhip Kuindzi: “Lake”

LEYSTER, JUDITH (1609-1660) Dutch Baroque painter
Judith Leyster at the National Gallery of Washington (2009)

LIEVENS, JAN (1607-1674) Dutch baroque painter
Lievens – a Dutch master rediscovered at the NGA (2008)

LOMBARDO, TULLIO (1460-1532) Italian Baroque sculptor
Tulio Lombardo at the National Gallery of Washington (2009)

MELÉNDEZ, LUIS (1715-1780) Spanish Baroque painter
Luis Meléndez at the National Gallery of Washington (2009)

MICHELANGELO (1475-1564) Italian Renaissance artist
“The last judgement” -50 masterworks of painting
Michelangelo’s “The young archer” at the Metropolitan Museum

MURILLO, BARTOLOMÉ ESTEBAN (1617-1682) Spanish baroque painter
Murillo and the Art of Friendship – Prado Museum

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1594-1665) French baroque painter
Poussin and Nature: Arcadian landscapes – at the Metropolitan

RAPHAEL SANTI (1483-1520) Italian Renaissance painter
“Portrait of a cardinal” – 50 masterworks of painting
Late Raphael at the Prado Museum (2012)

REMBRANDT VAN RIJN (1606-1669) Dutch baroque painter
“The night watch” – 50 masterworks of painting
Rembrandt: self-portrait – 10 great self-portraits
“Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus” in Philadelphia (2012)

SANDBY, PAUL (1731-1809) British landscape painter
‘Picturing Britain’: Paul Sandby at the National Gallery of Scotland

SAVRASOV, ALEXEI (1830-1897) Russian landscape painter
Alexei Savrasow: “The rooks have returned”

SHISHKIN, IVAN (1832-1898) Russian landscape painter
Ivan Shishkin: “Morning in a pine forest”

TITIAN (1485-1576) Italian Renaissance painter
The Triumph of Love: Titian at the National Gallery of London (2009)
Titian’s ‘Diana and Actaeon’ at the National Gallery of London (2009)

TURNER, J.M. WILLIAM (1775-1851) British romantic painter
Joseph Mallord William Turner – master of atmospheres
Turner retrospective at the Metropolitan (2008)
Turner watercolours at the National Galleries of Scotland (2012)
NGA presents ‘Turner Inspired: In the Light of Claude’ (2012)
Turner from the Tate – The Making of a Master (2013)

UCCELLO, PAOLO (1397-1475) Italian Renaissance painter
“The battle of San Romano” – 50 masterworks of painting

VAN DYCK, ANTHONY (1599-1641) Flemish Baroque painter
Museo del Prado presents ‘The Young Van Dyck’ (2012)

VAN EYCK, JAN (c.1390-1441) Dutch Renaissance painter
“The marriage Arnolfini” – 50 masterworks of painting

VASILYEV, FYODOR (1850-1873) Russian landscape painter
Fyodor Vasilyev: “Wet meadow”

VELÁZQUEZ, DIEGO DE (1599-1660) Spanish baroque painter
“Las Meninas” – 50 masterworks of painting

JAN VERMEER (1632-1675) Dutch baroque painter
“View of the Delft” – 50 masterworks of painting

WATTEAU, JEAN ANTOINE (1684-1721) French baroque painter
Watteau: Music and Theater at the Metropolitan Museum (2009)

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