National Gallery of CanadaNational Gallery of Canada, Ottawa – Exhibits one of the greatest collections of paintings in North America, with works by Van Gogh, Cezanne, Picasso and Pollock

Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver – This dynamic and original Museum exhibits a large group of contemporary Art in a beautiful Neoclassical buildingUSA

MetropolitanThe Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York – Arguably America’s greatest museum. Its spectacular collection of contemporary art includes ‘Autumn rhythm’ by Jackson Pollock.

MOMAThe Museum of modern Art (MOMA), New York – Houses the world’s best collection of modern and contemporary Art, featuring masterworks as Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon

GuggenheimThe Guggenheim Museum, New York – Designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Guggenheim Fundation has also important galleries in Bilbao, Venice, Berlin and Las Vegas.

Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York – Houses an extensive collection of Art, including works by artists such as Hans Hofmann

Withney Collection of American Art, New York – Houses more than 18,000 American works by American artists, including Hopper, Pollock and de Kooning

Museum of Fine Arts, BostonThe Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is one of the oldest and most respected Art institutions of North America. It exhibits works by Joseph Beuys and Takashi Murakami, among others

The National Gallery of WashingtonThe National Gallery of Washington features a complete collection of painting from the 13th to the 20th century. Includes works by Pollock or Ruscha

Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo – Opened in 1901, exhibits a good collection of European and American Art, with works by Willem de Kooning

Philadelphia Museum of ArtPhiladelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia – One of the greatest Museums in North America, with a great collection of contemporary Art, including works by Cy Twombly and Jasper Johns

Art Institute of ChicagoThe Art Institute of Chicago houses one of the most outstanding Art collections of the United States, featuring masterpieces by Andy Warhol and Willem de Kooning

Museum of Art, Cleveland – One of the most complete art collections in America, from antiquities to modern masterpieces, with works by Pollock and Warhol

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis – Focused in modern and contemporary Art, includes works by Picasso, Moore and Warhol

Dallas Art Museum, Dallas – Exhibits a good collection of contemporary painting, including works by abstact expressionists like Rothko, Pollock or Kline

Denver Art Museum, Denver – Focused in American Art, this Museum also exhibits a good collection of contemporary Art, with works by Motherwell and Warhol

Menil Collection, Houston – This museum, designed by Renzo Piano, houses a great collection of contemporary Art, from Picasso to Cy Twombly

Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), San Francisco – Its collection of modern and contemporary painting includes works by Matisse, Diebenkorn and Jasper Johns

Seattle Art Museum, Seattle – The collections of this Museum have drastically grown in the last decades, and now include contemporary works by Andy Warhol or Richard Serra

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