Martini Studio D’Arte

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Borgo Pietro Wuhrer, 125, 25123 Brescia BS, Italy

“Conveying the value of artists” is what inspires and guides us to always give our best at work.

We want to move art lovers deeply in order to create value. That’s why we are committed to promoting international artists and discovering the young talents of the future.

We love anticipating market trends and passing on exciting stories through the works we select. We are art collectors and, as such, we seek out unique, rare and original pieces.

We have been working in the sector for more than 25 years, close to our clients, to whom we always offer the best of the modern and contemporary art scene.


Paolo Martini
the Founder

Giovanni Martini
General Manager

Angelo Martini
Senior Specialist

Michele Martini
Senior Specialist

Junior Specialist

Operating Officer
The art auction house with the soul of a collector

The art auction house with the soul of a collector

We are a family-run auction house, based in Brescia (Northern Italy). Perhaps the small size of our company is our biggest advantage, as we are able to provide our clients with tailor-made assistance throughout the entire buying and selling process.

Specialized in figurative art, our focus is on modern and contemporary art. We act as direct intermediaries between the seller, who decides to entrust us with his works, and the buyer, who, understanding their value, purchases them safely and easily during our auction sessions or private negotiations.

Those who rely on us recognise our passion, appreciate our professionalism and modus operandi, which concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

Our history

The Foundation

Martini Studio d’Arte was born as an exhibition space at the beginning of the ‘90s, thanks to the initiative of Paolo Martini, who transformed his passion for art into a real profession, founding an art gallery.

Paolo showed his interest in artwork at the age of 15, when, working for a framer in Brescia, he came into contact with the first paintings.

His love for art, his ambitious personality and his desire to emerge made him stand out: he began selling his first lots independently right from the start.

From art gallery to auction house

Over the years, his experience and contacts grew exponentially, as did his collaborations with some important Italian auction houses.

The sales volume was so high that Paolo came up with the idea of transforming his wonderful art gallery into a dynamic auction house.

This became reality on 12 June 2006, the date of the first auction.


In order to satisfy market needs and deal with the constant changes of technologies, Paolo now works with his three sons, Giovanni, Angelo and Michele. They inherited from their father the idea that trust, transparency and honesty are fundamental to build lasting relationships with clients.

Today Studio d’Arte Martini has become a point of reference for art lovers. Our auction house has achieved important successes over the years thanks to the specialization in modern and contemporary art, the multi-year experience in the sector, the strategic use of the web and social media, and the qualified staff, who guarantee a high standard of service.

We have always selected works that can never be taken for granted and with which you fall in love at first glance.


Alberto Abbati (Italian, 1923–2011)
Carla Accardi (Italian, 1924–2014)
Valério Adami (Italian, born 1935)
Afro (Italian, 1912–1976)
Soshana Afroyim (Austrian, 1927–2015)
Josef Albers (American/German, 1888–1976)
Sandro de Alexandris (Italian, born 1939)
Adriano Altamira (Italian, born 1947)
Robert Alvarez Rios (born 1932)
Franco Angeli (Italian, 1935–1988)
Rodolfo Aricò (Italian, 1930–2002)
Stefano Arienti (Italian, born 1961)
Edmondo Bacci (Italian, 1913–1979)
Enrico Baj (Italian, 1924–2003)
Eduard Bargheer (German, 1901–1979)
Gianfranco Baruchello (Italian, born 1924)
Gabriele Basilico (Italian, 1944–2013)
Davide Benati (Italian, born 1949)
Vasco Bendini (Italian, 1922–2015)
Giacomo Benevelli (Italian, born 1925)
Mirella Bentivoglio (Italian, 1922–2017)
Cesare Berlingeri (Italian, born 1948)
Carlo Bernardini (Italian, born 1966)
Joseph Beuys (German, 1921–1986)
Domenico Bianchi (Italian, born 1955)
Remo Bianco (Italian, 1922–1988)
Alberto Biasi (Italian, born 1937)
Mario Bionda (Italian, 1913–1985)
Alighiero Boetti (Italian, 1940–1994)
Luigi Boille (Italian, 1926–2015)
Agostino Bonalumi (Italian, 1935–2013)
Beppe Bonetti (Italian, born 1951)
Arturo Bonfanti (Italian, 1905–1978)
Enzo Brunori (Italian, 1924–1993)
Günter Brus (Austrian, born 1938)
Antonio Bueno (Italian, 1918–1985)
Enzo Cacciola (Italian, born 1945)
Nino (Antonio Calogero) Calos (Italian, 1926–1990)
Pier Paolo Calzolari (Italian, born 1943)
Massimo Campigli (Italian, 1895–1971)
Giovanni Campus (Italian, born 1929)
Robert Capa (Hungarian, 1913–1954)
Carmelo Cappello (Italian, 1912–1996)
Arturo Carmassi (Italian, 1925–2015)
Eugenio Carmi (Italian, 1920–2016)
Federico Casati (Italian, born 1968)
Vincenzo Cecchini (born 1934)
Giuseppe Chiari (Italian, 1926–2007)
Henri Chopin (French, 1922–2008)
Christo (Bulgarian, 1935–2020)
Giorgio Ciam (Italian, 1941–1996)
Josep Ucles Cifuentes (Spanish, 1925–2013)
Marco Cingolani (Italian, born 1961)
Carlo Cioni (Italian, born 1930)
Antonio Corpora (Italian, 1909–2004)
Toni Costa (Italian, 1935–2013)
Franco Costalonga (Italian, 1933–2019)
Roberto Crippa (Italian, 1921–1972)
Carlos Cruz-Diez (Venezuelan, 1923–2019)
Dadamaino (Italian, 1935–2004)
Karl Fred Dahmen (German, 1917–1981)
Salvador Dalí (Spanish, 1904–1989)
Sergio Dangelo (Italian, 1932–2022)
Marina Davydova (Russian, born 1951)
Lucio Del Pezzo (Italian, born 1933)
Mario Deluigi (Italian, 1901–1978)
Giuseppe Desiato (Italian, born 1935)
Pierre Dmitrienko (French, 1925–1974)
Noël Dolla (French, born 1945)
Hisao Domoto (Japanese, 1928–2013)
Piero Dorazio (Italian, 1927–2005)
Gillo Dorfles (Italian, 1910–2018)
Angelo Dozio (Italian, born 1941)
Marcello Fantoni (Italian, 1915–2011)
Agostino Ferrari (Italian, born 1938)
Tano Festa (Italian, 1938–1988)
Lucio Fontana (Argentine/Italian, 1899–1968)
Ruth Francken (American, 1924–2006)
Horacio Garcia Rossi (Argentine, 1929–2012)
Franco Garelli (Italian, 1909–1973)
Alberto Garutti (Italian, born 1948)
Luciano Gaspari (Italian, born 1913)
Winfred Gaul (German, 1928–2003)
Franco Gentilini (Italian, 1909–1981)
Quinto Ghermandi (Italian, 1916–1994)
Luigi Ghirri (Italian, 1943–1992)
Mario Giacomelli (Italian, 1925–2000)
Piero Gilardi (Italian, born 1942)
Hans Jörg Glattfelder (Swiss, born 1939)
Giorgio Griffa (Italian, born 1936)
Riccardo Guarneri (Italian, born 1933)
Elisabetta Gut (Italian)
Hans Hartung (French/German, 1904–1989)
Thomas Hoepker (German, born 1936)
Hsiao Chin (Taiwanese, born 1935)
Ralph Humphrey (American, 1932–1990)
Paolo Icaro (Italian, born 1936)
Emilio Isgrò (Italian, born 1937)
Ray Johnson (American, 1927–1995)
Joe Jones (American, 1934–1993)
Ioannis Kardamatis (Greek, b. after 1916–d. after)
Ellsworth Kelly (American, 1923–2015)
Jan Knapp (born 1949)
Robert Knight
Jiri Kolár (Czech, 1914–2002)
Martin Krampen (German, born 1928)
Ketty La Rocca (Italian, 1938–1976)
Edoardo Landi (Italian, born 1937)
Julio Le Parc (Argentine, born 1928)
Jean-Jacques Lebel (French, born 1936)
Felice Levini (Italian, born 1956)
Sol LeWitt (American, 1928–2007)
Riccardo Licata (Italian, 1929–2014)
Osvaldo Licini (Italian, 1894–1958)
Umberto Lilloni (Italian, 1898–1980)
Marcello Lo Giudice (Italian, born 1957)
Francesco Lo Savio (Italian, 1935–1963)
Richard Long (British, born 1945)
Boris Lurie (American/Russian, 1924–2008)
Urs Lüthi (Swiss, born 1947)
Luigi Magnani (Italian, 1917–1984)
Luigi Mainolfi (Italian, born 1948)
Man Ray (American, 1890–1976)
Pompilio Mandelli (Italian, 1912–2006)
Elio Marchegiani (Italian, born 1929)
Paolo Masi (Italian, born 1933)
Vittorio Matino (Italian, born 1943)
Galliano Mazzon (Italian, 1896–1978)
John McLaughlin (American, 1898–1976)
Juan Mele (Argentine, 1923–2012)
Fausto Melotti (Italian, 1901–1986)
Mario Merz (Italian, 1925–2003)
Edouard Léon Théodore Mesens (Belgian, 1903–1971)
Yves Millecamps (French, born 1930)
Aldo Mondino (Italian, 1938–2005)
Carmen Gloria Morales (Chilean, born 1942)
Marcello Morandini (Italian, born 1940)
François Morellet (French, 1926–2016)
Philippe Morisson (French, 1924–1994)
Ennio Morlotti (Italian, 1910–1992)
Ursula Mosbach (German, b. after 1922–d. after 2002)
Zoran Antonio Mušic (Slovenian, 1909–2005)
Otto Muehl (Austrian, 1925–2013)
Bruno Munari (Italian, 1907–1998)
Edo Murtic (Croatian, 1921–2004)
Magdalo Mussio (Italian, 1925–2003)
Gualtiero Nativi (Italian, 1921–1999)
Matteo Negri (Italian, born 1982)
Aurélie Nemours (French, 1910–2005)
Shirin Neshat (Iranian, born 1957)
Nguyen Tuan (Vietnamese, born 1963)
Davide Nido (Italian, 1966–2014)
Hermann Nitsch (Austrian, 1938–2022)
Georges Noël (French, 1924–2010)
Claudio Olivieri (Italian, 1934–2019)
Luigi Ontani (Italian, born 1943)
Dennis Oppenheim (American, 1938–2011)
Giulio Paolini (Italian, born 1940)
Antonio Paradiso (Italian, born 1936)
Adriano Parisot (Italian, 1912–2004)
Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison (American)
Olivia Parker (American, born 1941)
Claudio Parmiggiani (Italian, born 1943)
Luc Peire (Belgian, 1916–1994)
Alessandro Pessoli (Italian, born 1963)
Giuseppe Pinot Gallizio (Italian, 1902–1964)
Jorge Piqueras (Peruvian, 1925–2020)
Fabrizio Plessi (Italian, born 1940)
Arnaldo Pomodoro (Italian, born 1926)
Dolores Previtali (Italian, born 1949)
Marc Quinn (British, born 1964)
Arnulf Rainer (Austrian, born 1929)
Rudolph Rainer (born 1950)
Tomas Rajlich (Czech, born 1940)
Carol Rama (Italian, 1919–2015)
Saverio Rampin (Italian, b. after 1930–1992)
Gerhard Richter (German, born 1932)
Franz Ringel (Austrian, 1940–2011)
Emilio Rodríguez-Larraín (Peruvian, 1928–2015)
Bruno Romeda (Italian, born 1933)
Mimmo Rotella (Italian, 1918–2006)
Claudio Rotta Loria (Italian, born 1949)
Piero Ruggeri (Italian, 1930–2009)
Bruno Saetti (Italian, 1902–1984)
Niki de Saint Phalle (French, 1930–2002)
Salvo (Italian, 1947–2015)
Giuseppe Santomaso (Italian, 1907–1990)
Franco Sarnari (Italian, born 1933)
Sergio Sarri (Italian, born 1938)
Antonio Scaccabarozzi (Italian, 1936–2008)
Emilio Scanavino (Italian, 1922–1986)
Mario Schifano (Italian, 1934–1998)
Gérard Ernest Schneider (Swiss, 1896–1986)
Luigi Senesi (Italian, 1938–1978)
Rino Sernaglia (born 1936)
Gino Severini (Italian, 1883–1966)
Gianni Emilio Simonetti (Italian, born 1940)
Mario Sironi (Italian, 1885–1961)
Richard Smith (British, 1931–2016)
Jesús Rafael Soto (Venezuelan, 1923–2005)
Giuseppe Spagnulo (Italian, 1936–2016)
Ettore Spalletti (Italian, 1940–2019)
Aldo Spinelli (Italian, born 1948)
Daniel Spoerri (Swiss, born 1930)
Alessandra Spranzi (born 1962)
Henryk Stazewski (Polish, 1894–1988)
Nunzio Di Stefano (Italian, born 1954)
Gaston Suisse (French, 1896–1988)
Emilio Tadini (Italian, 1927–2003)
Tancredi (Italian, 1927–1964)
Giorgio Teardo (born 1932)
Rirkrit Tiravanija (Thai, born 1961)
Jorrit Tornquist (Austrian, born 1938)
Tomonori Toyofuku (Japanese, 1925–2019)
Giulio Turcato (Italian, 1912–1995)
Giuseppe Uncini (Italian, 1929–2008)
Maurice Utrillo (French, 1883–1955)
Tino Vaglieri (Italian, 1929–2000)
Valentino Vago (Italian, 1931–2018)
Walter Valentini (Italian, born 1928)
Nanni Valentini (Italian, 1932–1985)
Grazia Varisco (Italian, born 1937)
Victor Vasarely (French/Hungarian, 1906–1997)
Ben Vautier (French, born 1935)
Emilio Vedova (Italian, 1919–2006)
Arturo Vermi (Italian, 1928–1988)
Claudio Verna (Italian, born 1937)
Luigi Veronesi (Italian, 1908–1998)
Renzo Vespignani (Italian, 1924–2001)
Andy Warhol (American, 1928–1987)
Adolfo Wildt (Italian, 1868–1931)
Joel-Peter Witkin (American, born 1939)
Gianfranco Zappettini (Italian, born 1939)
Giancarlo Zen (Italian, born 1929)
Robert Zeppel-Sperl (Austrian, 1944–2005)
Carlo Zinelli (Italian, 1916–1974)

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