Manolo Ballesteros

Manolo Ballesteros, master of abstraction

Manolo Ballesteros (1965, ES) Postwar & Contemporary artist, creates geometric compositions, in which he is playing with geometric complexity through the uniformity of pigments and the reduction of profiles. His artworks are intuitive, spontaneous and without an implicit message. Material is key in his creative process, focusing on the materials that allow to artist to concentrate purely on form and how it is affected by colour. Using bold tones or pastel palettes, Ballesteros’s oeuvre is easy recognisable and pure. Their work is currently being shown at Tristan Hoare in London. Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris Saint-Germain featured Manolo Ballesteros’s work in the past.

Solo exhibitions: 2015 Museu can Framis, fundació Vila Casas Barcelona, Paper work galeria Miquel Alzueta Barcelona 2014 Galerie Pierre Hallet Brussels 2013 Palau de Casavells,Girona 2012 Galería Miquel Alzueta, Barcelona 2011 Galería Miquel Alzueta, Barcelona Galerie Teisso, Paris 2009 Galería Cyprus, Sant Feliu de Boada, Girona 2007 Palau de Casavells, Girona 2006 Galerie Scheffel, Frankfurt 2005 Galería Pelaires, Mallorca Galería Artur Ramon, Barcelona 2004 Galerie dessen Beeck Brussels Galería Fernando Latorre Madrid 2003 Galería Cyprus, Sant Feliu de Boada, Girona 2002 Galerie Scheffel Frankfurt Galería Blau Mallorca 2001 Galería Pelaires, Mallorca 2000 Galería Fernando Latorre, Zaragoza 1999 Galería Pelaires, Mallorca Galería Colon XVI, Bilbao 1998 Galería Pelaires, Felanitx,mallorca.

Manolo Ballesteros’s first verified exhibition was Art Frankfurt 1997 at Art Frankfurt in Frankfurt/Main in 1997, and the most recent exhibition was Art Madrid 2023 at Galería de Cristal del Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid in 2023. Manolo Ballesteros is most frequently exhibited in Germany, but also had exhibitions in Spain, France and elsewhere. Ballesteros has at least 8 solo shows and 10 group shows over the last 26 years. Ballesteros has also been in no less than 18 art fairs but in no biennials. A notable show was Manolo Ballesteros – Flaggenmee at Galerie Scheffel in Bad Homburg in 1999. Other notable shows were at Pelaires Centre Cultural Contemporani in Palma de Mallorca and Kunsthalle Darmstadt in Darmstadt. Manolo Ballesteros has been exhibited with Guillem Nadal and Hans Steinbrenner.

Manolo Ballesteros is ranked among the Top 1,000,000 globally, and among the Top 10,000 in Spain. Ballesteros’s best rank was in 2006, the artist’s rank has improved over the last 3 years, with the most dramatic change in 2018. For a complete illustration of the artist’s career since 1998, please see the career chart on the trends page.

Solo Exhibitions
Manolo Ballesteros Alzueta Gallery Barcelona Spain
Manolo Ballesteros – Pintat el 2014 Museo Can Mario – Fundació Vila Casas Palafrugell, Girona Spain
Manolo Ballesteros Museo Palau Solterra – Fundació Vila Casas Torroella de Montgrí, Girona Spain
Manolo Ballesteros – Neue Bilder Galerie Scheffel Bad Homburg Germany
Manolo Ballesteros. Obra reciente Pelaires Centre Cultural Contemporani Palma de Mallorca Spain

Group Exhibitions
Paper Tristan Hoare Gallery London United Kingdom
Here we are exhibition #9MPV Gallery Oisterwijk Netherlands
Las formas de la Luz – tinta negra Alzueta Gallery Barcelona Spain
Im kleinen Format 2007/08 Galerie Scheffel Bad Homburg Germany
Künstler der Galerie – “Im kleinen Format 2006/07 “Galerie Scheffel Bad Homburg Germany

Art fairs
Art Madrid 2023 Art Madrid Madrid Spain
Art Paris 2020 Postponed dates DUE TO COVID-19Art Paris Paris France
London Art Fair 2020 London Art Fair London United Kingdom
Art Paris 2019Art Paris Paris France
Art Madrid 2018 Art Madrid Madrid Spain

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