Little Haiti Cultural Complex

Onè! Respè! Thank you for joining the La Perle De Miami: Little Haïti Tour. Let us take a journey back to the historic war that was fought on the island of Hispaniola currently the country of Haiti and Dominican Republic, which lead to the first black free nation under colonialism in the world. Today the roots of the revolution have spread out to Little Haiti depicting the people and culture of Haiti through texture, flavor and sound. Your tour guide will come equipped with historical facts and insightful knowledge of the neighborhood. We will also swing by 3 of the most Instagram worthy spots in Little Haiti to allow you to take photos and capture the essence of the “Ville”.

TYPE: La Perle De Miami: Little Haïti Tour
17 Dates · May 5 – Aug 25
WHEN: Saturdays
TIME: 10am to 1pm

Tickets · $17.89 – $28.45

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