Jungle Island Illuminates Miami Nightlife  with the Dazzling Return of Luminosa 

~ Experience the Grandeur of this Festival of Lights from Nov. 21 to Feb. 28 ~

After a much-anticipated wait, the glow of Luminosa is back, brighter, and bolder at Jungle Island, Miami’s premier entertainment destination. This luminous spectacle, unfolding from November 21, 2023, to February 28, 2024, in collaboration with the acclaimed Zigong Lantern Group, promises to be a dazzling and immersive art experience. 

“Luminosa’s renaissance is set to ignite the imagination of visitors with its vibrant, giant silk installations,” said Jeremy Hauwelaert, President & CEO of Jungle Island. “These three-dimensional art pieces, crafted with delicate precision by Chinese artisans and brought to life by LED lights, showcase not only incredible craftsmanship but also the sheer beauty of our tropical surroundings after sundown.”

The festival brings a glow-up to Miami nights with over 40 expansive, hand-crafted massive lantern scenes, displaying an explosion of color and light against the park’s lush, tropical backdrop. The displays are intricate and hypnotic, each meticulously created by over 150 artisans, using a staggering 120 tons of steel, 150,000 feet of silk, 43,600 LED bulbs and 500,000 feet of LED strips.

At this nighttime activation, guests are surrounded by grand artworks and brilliantly designed lighting displays that revolve around the world’s most unforgettable and enigmatic themes.  Luminosa offers visitors an ancient cultural experience, unraveling stories of legends and heroes from various lost civilizations.

In the Jungle Animalia section, one can stroll amongst a menagerie of oversized, lifelike flora and fauna. From spectacular parrots, flamingos and butterflies to a stealthy leopard and elephant, these creatures of light add a fantastical layer to the natural inhabitants of Jungle Island.

The alluring Atlantis installation mesmerizes with a towering Neptune, trident in hand, and its sunken palaces and marine wonders that emerge from the depths, painting tales of a city lost yet remembered. The ancient Chinese civilization, marked by its stoic terracotta warriors and intricate dragon tunnels, serves as a bridge to a time of emperors and dynasties. 

The journey culminates with a celebration of Latin American legends, where the rich narratives of Maya culture and the exuberance of Día de los Muertos celebrations are portrayed through a vivid interplay of light and tales. Each scene is painstakingly crafted in radiant detail. 

Visitors traverse a 1.35-mile trail, encountering luminous installations that are as interactive as they are awe-inspiring. Beyond the display, Jungle Island enhances the experience with diverse amenities such as photo zones, shopping bazaars, live acrobatic performances, and an array of food and drink options.

This exhibition showcases the Zigong Lantern Group’s pinnacle of intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship. By marrying traditional methods with contemporary techniques, the group has brought to life stunning designs using welded steel rod frames, silk fabric, and airbrush painting. The lanterns are lit using energy-efficient LED lights. The entire production spanned seven months, with a dedicated team of 25 artisans now finalizing the on-site installation.

Justin Corsa, Chief of the Board & CEO of Zigong Lantern Group, shared his enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled to bring the wonder of Luminosa back to Miami after a long hiatus. We’ve raised the bar even higher than our previous event in 2019, and we’re proud to unveil an even more spectacular showcase for 2023. This year’s festival features four immersive themed sections – the mystical Atlantis, an exotic Jungle kingdom, and a journey through ancient civilizations, including the vibrant tales of ancient Latin culture. For anyone in Miami, this is an unmissable event.”

Opening to the public on Tuesday, Nov. 21, Jungle Island is excited to invite guests to explore the radiant world of Luminosa, available Sunday to Thursday, 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., and on Friday & Saturday, 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. This event provides an enchanting outing perfect for families, friends, romantic date nights or anyone seeking a one-of-kind holiday lighting display. 

Ticket prices are tiered for accessibility, with adults priced between $29.90 and $37.90, children’s tickets (for those aged 3-10) ranging from $20.93 to $26.53, and special rates for students, seniors (65+), and military personnel at $25.42 to $32.22. For groups of six or more, a special bundle price of $26.91 per person is available. These tickets offer full access to the festival and all its mesmerizing installations, performances, and amenities.

Plan your visit to Jungle Island, located at 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail. Tickets are available now at www.jungleisland.com. 


Jungle Island, which is owned by Aventura-based ESJ Capital Partners, is a premier entertainment destination. A favorite South Florida landmark since 1936, the attraction is located across from the cruise ports, between Downtown Miami and South Beach. Jungle Island proudly takes guests on an epic journey through nature, animals, discovery, and play. From garden admission and behind-the-scenes VIP tours to unforgettable interactions with some of the world’s most fascinating animals and the thrilling Treetop Trekking aerial adventure park, Jungle Island offers guests a variety of real-life jungle experiences. For more information, visit www.jungleisland.com and follow @JungleIsland on social media. 

ABOUT ZIGONG LANTERN GROUPZigong Lantern Group, the only American-owned lantern arts manufacturer in the industry, operates out of its global headquarters in Orlando, Florida. As a local business with a global reach, they are renowned for their bespoke designs, creating custom indoor and outdoor lanterns adaptable to any size, shape, theme, or color. Their creations are featured in major attraction parks around the world, reflecting their commitment to excellence and innovation. Celebrated as the IAAPA Brass Ring Award Winners in 2022, Zigong Lantern Group is determined to maintain its top position through continuous innovation, advanced techniques, and world-class designs. Discover their vision for the present and the future by watching their video presentation at https://youtu.be/gZ0gSH9kLWM. For more information about their offerings and projects, visit https://zigonglanterngroup.com

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