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Rather than speckling the Internet with colored dots, Baldessari’s site uses information trees to create an interactive menu for visitors wanting to find out more about the veteran painter. It takes some exploring to find all of the branches.


John Baldessari – the godfather of conceptual art

In 1970, the American artist John Baldessari cremated every painting he had made between 1953 and 1966 and promised not to make any more boring art. In the ensuing years, he has created countless works across a range of media; his art has traveled the world, and he has been hailed as a surrealist for the digital age. But who is John Baldessari, really? Narrated by the singer-songwriter Tom Waits, and overflowing with grand ideas and amusing footnotes, this film is a glimpse into the life of an artistic giant.

John Anthony Baldessari is an American conceptual artist known for his work featuring found photography and appropriated images. He lives and works in Santa Monica and Venice, California. Initially a painter, Baldessari began to incorporate texts and photography into his canvases in the mid-1960s. Wikipedia

Born: June 17, 1931 (age 87 years), National City, CA

Spouse: Carol Wikom (m. 1962–1986)
Education: Otis College of Art and Design (1957–1959), MORE
Movies: Art City #2: Simplicity

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