Artscape Lab is an innovative gallery space in Miami that specializes, curates and provides an art platform for outdoor and site-specific needs, focusing mainly on sculptural and tri-dimensional works with a broad selection of renowned mid-career and established artists, seeking commissions that occur outside the confines of walls. As such, it is a contemporary art space committed to offering works of art that will enhance any private or public garden space: terraces, patios, pools, outdoor walls as well as large-scale commissioned art in public spaces and outdoor projects.

We work directly with our clients along with artists, architects and designers to enable works of art and outdoor spaces to join forces that find relaxing and uplifting solutions for spatial needs. We aim to provide a clean horizon where nature and art blend without competing, becoming an extension of the building structure in a natural setting.

Our goal is to offer and stimulate connections with public and private entities by researching and promoting a broad variety of works. Furthermore, through our location in the emerging cultural area of Little River in Miami, Artscape Lab provides an ideal environment for artists to showcase their work through small, medium and large-scale sculpture and bi-tri dimensional installations. Our competitive expertise helps our clients find the optimal solution for their outdoor spaces, an innovative concept that broadens the relation between collector and gallerist, providing curated solutions for architects, designers and art lovers from all walks of life.

Georgina Chumaceiro is a museographer from Maracaibo, Venezuela. Before moving to the US in 1998 to pursue her degree in Gallery Management, she worked as a curatorial assistant at the Centro de Arte Lía Bermudez. In 2001, she relocated to Miami and in 2010 she co-founded Art Nouveau Gallery where she worked as Director until July 2016, when she decided to start her own gallery space along with her life partner, Enrique Castillo. Chumaceiro brings to the project curatorial expertise that includes the organization of major exhibitions focused mostly within concepts of abstract and geometrical art through the works of artists such as John Henry, Milton Becerra, Carlos Cruz-Diez, and the production and realization of Rafael Barrios’ outdoor exhibition project in Park Avenue, New York, in 2012 a stepping-stone to her new venture,Artscape Lab, founded in the summer of 2016 in Miami.

Enrique Castillois a strategic manager/business consultant, an art collector and entrepreneur who grew up in a family of artists and gallerists. He has worked with various industry-leading companies such as Lennar Corporation, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and The Home Depot, where he has developed and implemented solutions that align with strategic and tactical goals. He brings toArtscape Lab in-depth knowledge of the developmental aspect of integrated solutions associated with art collections; production and administrative managerial coordination of large-scale projects; and information technology and business know-how to the implementation of art projects at the gallery.

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7255 NE 4th Ave #113 Miami, Fl 33138

(305) 979-3855


Edgar Negret
John Henry
Juan Garaizabal
Pablo Guzmán
Pablo Tamayo
Ricardo Cárdenas

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