Geometry in Monochrome

Adriana Dorta, Darío Pérez-Flores, Luis Gómez Rincón, Paul Amundarain, Víctor Valera, Valeria Yamamoto

“Geometría Revelada: Un Viaje Visual a Través de Seis Mentes Artísticas Únicas. La abstracción geométrica trasciende el tiempo y el espacio, uniendo a artistas de diversas generaciones y culturas en una danza de formas y colores. Sumérgete en las visiones de seis artistas excepcionales, cada uno con una voz y una trayectoria singular, pero todos unidos por su pasión por la geometría como lenguaje del alma.”

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the “Geometry in Monochrome” exhibition at MIFA Gallery, in collaboration with Ninoska Huerta Gallery. The show, curated by Ninoska Huerta, features works by six prominent artists: Adriana Dorta, Darío Pérez-Flores, Luis Gómez Rincón, Paul Amundarain, Víctor Valera, and Valeria Yamamoto.

As I walked through the exhibition, I was immediately struck by the power of geometric abstraction. Despite the monochromatic palette, each piece seemed to vibrate with energy and depth. The diversity of approaches among the artists was fascinating – from precise, hard-edged forms to more organic interpretations of geometry.

What I found particularly intriguing was how artists from different generations and backgrounds could all find such rich expression within the constraints of geometry and monochrome. The works of the more established artists like Víctor Valera conversed beautifully with those of younger artists like Paul Amundarain.

I spent a long time with Adriana Dorta’s pieces, marveling at how she manipulated simple geometric shapes to create complex, almost architectural compositions. Darío Pérez-Flores’ work, on the other hand, seemed to play with perception, creating optical illusions that shifted as I moved around them.

Luis Gómez Rincón’s sculptures were a highlight for me. The way he translated geometric principles into three-dimensional forms was truly captivating. And Valeria Yamamoto’s delicate, precise works provided a wonderful counterpoint to some of the bolder pieces in the show.

Overall, the exhibition offered a compelling look at how geometry continues to inspire and challenge artists. It was a testament to the enduring power of this artistic current, and I left with a deeper appreciation for the versatility and expressive potential of geometric abstraction.

The curator, Ninoska Huerta, did an excellent job of bringing these diverse artists together in a coherent and thought-provoking show. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have experienced such a rich exploration of geometry in art.

Geometry in Monochrome
Geometry in Monochrome
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