Gatsby Art Exhibit

Opening Night

6 p.m. Saturday, July 31

The Portico


From The Artist’s Statement:

GatsbyNotArt is an artist, who like all of us, is human.

He is not perfect and has his own virtues and frailties. He has his own experiences and story with mental health, addiction, religion and law enforcement via the so-called justice system.

Gatsby reflects his own experience through his art and to a large extent has used it to alleviate traumas, his own and others.

An impressive multimedia installation, created especially for this exhibition, will enthrall visitors, as they enter into a presentation of GATSBY’s newest work “Dressed As A Friend”, which reinterprets Jesus’ metaphor of wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing to examine some of today’s most pressing issues; such as racial injustice, overconsumption, the oversexualizaton of women, addiction, and society’s constant search for external validation.

His controversial presentation makes his point of view clear on current events and social issues… and is a mirror to materialism, over consumption, desire, drive and shame…it’s intoxicating.

About this event

“During the delirium of love’s seduction we are lured into a beautiful dance between desire and disaster. Despite the danger that things will end tragically, we dare to dream impossible dreams and at least for a moment in time fly freely through the world unbothered.”-GATSBY

Modern Art Theory is pleased to present “Prey For Love”, an immersive multimedia exhibition of new paintings, sculptures, poetry, and ephemera by GATSBY that have never been seen before. The presentation also marks the artist’s first exhibition in Miami since his 2020 exhibition “Dressed As A Friend”.

Prey For Love is a revealing portrait of modern romance and how our impulses drive our actions. The artist draws from the triumphs and tragedies of his own lifelong search for love in a very raw, and often humorous way; referencing familiar icons, pop culture, mythology, and spirituality into an intricately woven tale designed to lead us to reflect on our insatiable desires to both love and be loved.

“To me, art is more about the idea than the image.” – GATSBY

GATSBY’s work taps into a vast breadth of culturally significant topics ranging from animal welfare and climate conservation to addiction, racial injustice, and religious bias, constantly stirring conversation about topics that he is passionate about. His work has been highlighted at The GRAMMYs, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Fashion Week, Miss America, as well as in top galleries in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

The simplistic and often playful nature of his paintings belies the serious nature of the subject matter. He does not have people who buy his art – he has people who obsessively collect his art. GATSBY is considered, “one of the most prolific and exciting artists with a slant towards Banksy, Warhol and Thierry Gutta – while making his point of view clear on current events and social issues…[and he is] this generation’s mirror to materialism, overconsumption, desire, drive, and shame…it’s intoxicating. (Danya Yarger, L.A. gallerist and art collector)”

This event is free and open to the public.

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