“From Law to Canvas: Venezuelan Immigrant Artist Ima Salazar Showcases Inspirational Journey Through Art”

“From Law to Canvas: Venezuelan Immigrant Artist Ima Salazar Showcases Inspirational Journey Through Art”

Maple Ridge, 05/10/2024 – Ima Salazar, a Venezuelan immigrant who has discovered her true calling in art after a career in law, is set to captivate audiences with her debut art exhibition. The event, hosted at The Club at Maple Ridge, will showcase Salazar’s extraordinary talent and mark a significant milestone in her journey of self-discovery.

The exhibition, scheduled for Friday, May 10th, promises an evening of creativity and community spirit for Maple Ridge residents. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in Salazar’s captivating artwork, which reflects her unique journey marked by chance encounters and a relentless pursuit of authenticity.

Attendees will have the opportunity to indulge in an array of exquisite appetizers and a selection of fine wines from Bodega Mi Terruño, courtesy of the event organizers. As they peruse Salazar’s artwork, they will witness the culmination of her passion and dedication to her craft.

Ima Salazar has been an integral part of the Maple Ridge community, generously offering complimentary art classes to students and continuously fostering a love for the arts. Now, she is ready to showcase her stunning collection, with each piece available for purchase.

“This exhibition is more than just a showcase of artwork; it’s a celebration of passion and dedication,” said Salazar. “I am thrilled to unveil my latest series of decorative art pieces, each one infused with a touch of elegance, perfect for enhancing any home.”

The event serves as an opportunity for the community to come together in support of a local Maple Ridge resident and to appreciate the beauty of art and the power of community.

Maple Ridge residents are cordially invited to attend this inaugural art exhibition:

Date: Friday, May 10th Time: 6:00 PM Location: The Club at Maple Ridge, Gathering Room

Admission to the event is complimentary for all guests. To confirm attendance, please call or text Ima Salazar at (954) 274-9716, or make your reservation at: https://forms.gle/p1W7a45W1T19KDUS9 ‎

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