ENTES | Installation | Courtesy of Superchief Gallery

Joan Jiménez, AKA Entes, is a Lima, Peru-born artist who rose to prominence over the last two decades for his highly expressive murals and paintings. ENTES is one of Peru’s most highly acclaimed street artists, painting murals around the world and experimenting with both the medium and presentation of graffiti.

For SCOPE Miami Beach’s 20th Anniversary, the street art mainstay will transform SCOPE’s front entrance pavilion into a colorful portrait of Peru presented as a monumental foam sculpture, whose surface is created by using his unique mural-transfers replicated through a technique called Strappo.

As he’s developed his practice beyond graffiti and vibrant large scale murals, Entes has begun exploring new techniques that connect the viewer and the places which inspire him. One way he does this is through Strappo, a complex process which transfers murals or tags from walls he’s painted onto canvas, while preserving the original.

Courtesy of Superchief Gallery and M.A.S.

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