Huggy Bear’ – Brendan Murphy American painter, sculptor and creator Brendan Murphy will reveal his newest works for Contessa Gallery [In partnership with Artsy] exhibition during this year’s virtual edition of Art Miami, from December 2nd – 20th.Art lovers can join into the virtual exhibition via the online viewing rooms

Best known for his Spaceman sculptures, Brendan Murphy’s annual tradition is to reveal his fresh art creations during Art Miami; the leading global platform connecting collectors, galleries and artists. Although this year is a virtual experience, expect to be impressed with what’s to be revealed. ‘Mamba‘ is a 42″ tall sculpture of the late and loved Kobe Bryant, ‘Huggy Bear‘ is a carbon fibreglass bear with 8 layered chrome painting, sitting on a custom made bench, ‘I Want‘ is a hand crafted steel with 8 layer silver based painting, flock interior and custom light fixtures. You could say that these pieces represent the journey of 2020. The great loss of Kobe Bryant united the world, and opened people’s hearts, ‘Huggy Bear‘ could represent pandemic isolation, inner work, and personal growth, and ‘I Want‘ can remind us to be grateful for everything we already have…25 new creations will be on display in the exhibition. 

 “The end of each year is kind of the beginning of the art “season.” This year will be a lot different but nonetheless I have been working on some new concepts and always enjoy unveiling them at Contessa Gallery during Art Miami week!” – Brendan Murphy 

Charged with colour, emotion and the excitement of limitless boundaries, Brendan’s work invites art-collectors on a journey into his brain and their own minds. His focus is simple—to create art that transports people  into the moment. This philosophy, and Brendan’s creations, centre around the fact that this ‘moment’ can differ for each and every individual. As a master creative brain and, simultaneously, an everyday father and husband, his innate, personal simplicity is what makes him one of the most innovative artists of our time, but also what makes his works some of the most complex of the decade. The capacity to which Brendan is able to produce artistic works is a distinguishing factor in his illustrious career. His commitment to craftsmanship, fine materials and precise technique are world-renowned, with his works found across the globe through his gallery network that includes Miami, Palm Beach, Santa Monica, Cleveland, Monaco, Montreal, and Toronto
 “As a Gallerist  – we are known in the art-world for having an uncanny ability to spot artists on their ascension to their  mature style and the rising tide of their career. It has been with great pleasure and a profound sense of pride to have helped Brendan in this pursuit and have our collectors participating in that journey. This year’s body of work exemplifies his continued growth in technique, materials, innovation and prodding us to think about the world and the times we are living in.”
– Steve Hartman, Owner and Curator of Contessa Gallery 
  Join Brendan Murphy’s virtual exhibition on Contessa Gallery Here.

BRENDAN MURPHY IS AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEWS ‘I Want’ – Brendan Murphy ‘Mamba’ – Brendan Murphy 

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Brendan Murphy (B 1971 – ) is a widely known contemporary artist whose works are found in prominent private collections and galleries around the world. Since his early career, Brendan has blended abstract and figurative forms to reveal meaning with deeper contemplations through his sculpture and painting. Brendan believes it is in art’s potential where we can most universally transmit positive energy. He recognizes the effect this energy, when experienced as a collective, can have on society as a whole. His commitment to process and true craftsmanship is the unifying thread throughout his body of work.

Brendan currently works from his home-based studios in Malibu, CA and Miami, FL. His work is represented in over 600 private collections and his new works are commonly featured at Art Fairs around the world through his gallery representation in the USA, Canada, Germany, Colombia, England and Monaco.

The sculptural work of Brendan Murphy communicates a rare perspective on the modern human experience through explorations of form, color, language, and universal symbols. Thematically, Brendan Murphy explores the interplay of beauty, power and the need to understand the source of all the energies of life.

The inspirations of the work; formulas, equations, relationships; create a pictorial spectrum of human emotion and the unifying natures of shared humanity. Through the layering of these emblems, Brendan Murphy’s painted works boldly portray careful imagery and density of the human experience, exposing the deep natural beauty that surface in this fragile balance.

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“Bloom” – Monika Olko Gallery , Sag Harbour, NY
“Lets take a walk” – Family House, San Francisco
“Stay” – Galleria Ca’ D’ Oro’, New York City
“ Nole XL” – Unveil at the Rio Museum of Modern

“Punks and Poets” – Event Farm, Santa Monica, CA
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Open House at Eagles Watch studios

Art in Motion, 483 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Art in Motion, Ireland Galleries, Toronto, Canada
Love and all her friends, 483 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

“Lovers and thieves”, Costas Gallery , Art Basel, Miami, FL
“Salute to Joe Strummer”, Atelier Building, Manhattan NY
“The beat my heart skipped”, Village Hotel, Yountville , CA

“Standing still under the Waterfall”, Solfire Roving Gallery, Miami , FL
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Open house at Raven’s Eye Studios, Malibu, CA

“To the end of the earth and back again” – Solfire Roving Gallery, Calgary, CA
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“What its like beyond the moon”, Valmorbida Gallery , NY, NY

“Beyond Infatuation” – K.H . Gallery , New York, , NY
Open House studio, Culver City, Los Angeles, Ca
Solo Show, Neue Gallery, Berlin Germany

Brendan Murphy Group Shows:

Southampton Art Fair, Southampton, New York

Art Miami, KM Fine Arts

Art Miami, KM Fine Arts
Silicon Valley Art Expo, KM Fine arts,  San Jose, CA

Silicon Valley Art expo, 483 Gallery, San Jose, CA

Scope, Art Basel, Gallery 10g, Miami, FL
Scope, Southampton, Gallery 10g, Southampton, Ny

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