Art Palm Beach, APB, is an American international art fair that, for its 2020 edition, decides to direct its line of promotion and sales of established and emerging artists from all over the world, incorporating a permanent curatorial pavilion and a renewed Main session.

APB will offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy an expanded artistic experience based on research axes that provide readings on relevant constitutive aspects of society such as migration, diversity, environmental stability, relationships with the space we inhabit, culture, identity, and evolution.

The design of the curatorial pavilion will now allow to see works as a personal document on the interests, visions, and concerns of artists and photographers while the Main session adjusted new participation criteria.

From these premises, APB_2020 has decided to renew its commitment to artists, gallerists, collectors, and art enthusiasts, producing a complementary education and training program through the APB Power Talks. Composed of lectures by influential art professionals and associated disciplines, guided visits to students from local schools, community workshops, and the distribution of guidance guides for gallerists with business tips, museography, and marketing that will help them successfully boost their business plans. All activities of the APB_Power Talks program are free of charge.

The art ecosystem is not so distinguishable from the ecological system that artists operate during their creative processes. That is, both notions require connecting to a natural process of network-like flows to imagine, create, participate, and occupy the best places that will end in the competitive circuit of the international art market. In this sense, APB_2020 planned as a rewarding spectacle where exhibitors and collectors can establish new business strategies.

Lee Ann, APB creator, and director with her husband, David Lester, announced that Corey Hampson joined the project as Co-Director of APB_2020, which will enhance executive management at all levels to the organization. Aboard APB, Corey Hampson said: “I am pleased to work with the Lester who have been industry pioneers for more than 40 years in assisting dealers in developing a more creative, profitable, and innovative new approaches and opening new markets in the coming years.”

Furthermore, Lee Ann reported: “We are proud to announce, on the one hand, the inclusion of Azmara Club Cruises as the main sponsor of APB_2020, a company whose values are common to APB. Azmara Club Cruises represents a leading figure in the importance of authentic cultural immersion experiences and committed to environmental management. On the other hand, we are pleased to have the participation of Pietro Daprano as the Artistic Director of APB_2020 to guarantee the conceptual and production design of the event”.

Regarding this new alliance, it is worth mentioning the economic geography that APB_2020 offers, is strategic in the development of economic, social, and cultural opportunities by being located in Palm Beach County in the state of Florida, USA. According to Bloomberg’s world leader in trade and financial data, Palm Beach ranks third in the wealthiest US codes, averaging $1.25M. It is estimated that 24% of the world’s millionaire families reside in Palm Beach.

About the fairground atmosphere that one could already sense, Lee Ann tells us: “APB_2020 will offer visitors an emotional center of artistic immersion, enjoying a creative experience of high level that will enhance the vision of art and a sense of environmental conservation. We are convinced that it is necessary to listen to what the planet tells us through art.”

Within this natural concept of interpretation of the art ecosystem, APB_2020 managed to compose a team of leading experts dedicated to building the most significant and best art promotion platform in South Florida that will offer all the support, so gallerists make the most of their investments.

APB_Main Section with the participation of more than 85 established galleries from all over the world. This section aims to collect more galleries of more significant trajectory; their proposals will be subject to the evaluation and advice of our advisory committee.

APB_Focus will be the new section that aims to strengthen the links between Latin America and the US contemporary art market. Invited galleries from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Venezuela will exhibit contemporary artists from each country.

APB _Next Level is the section for new artistic proposals. Its purpose is to create dynamic exhibitions with young galleries to showcase the most innovative contemporary projects.

APB _Flow is the experimental section of the fair. Here the latest art of new media and video will be presented. It is a proposal that seeks to maximize the interaction of the viewer with the work. Also, a section of large installations aims to give a display space for large artworks on site.

APB_Kabinett consists of highlighting the works of art masters presented through Kabinett. It intends to offer collectors and the public, a museum solution, a type studio format that serves in showing selective works of modern art. The particularity of the proposal brings with it the history of the great collectors of the sixteenth century. The purchases were an act of patronage that derived in the seventeenth century, legitimating interest in collecting. From that time, the Painting Cabinet or Gallery Painting.

APB_Editorial, APB inaugurates a new section the for collectible artists’ books, Zines, art editions, visual poetry books, artist’s photography books, and artist videos.  Creating a new fair environment for both the artist and the collector this section will also include master catalogs of international photographers by such names as Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, Vivian Maier, Ansel Adams, Robert Frank, Jock Sturges with other notoriety contemporary photographers. This section proposes to recognize the contributions of both photographers and extraordinary artist’s working in both print editions and all forms of printed matter.

APB_Eco is another of the activities linked to APB Power Talks that will undoubtedly influence the exhibition sessions. Its action operates under the slogan Art can also save the planet. APB 2020 believes that the manufacture of the avant-garde, extraordinary designs, big business, or the best materials should not pose a threat to the world; quite the contrary, its presence must provide an intelligent solution that protects and supports and everyone’s well-being. APB marks the next step in the evolution of the art market, constituting the APB eco-program, an initiative that promotes the research work of artists interested in environmental conservation and energy saving, imagining ideas about sustainable development as a creative solution for life.

APB_Power Talks is the line of support for dealers and social responsibility with the community. It is about an educational and formative impulse that will develop actions as the delivery of Eblast with information about the new tendencies in art, digital conections, design, and photography. Business Guides Tips, Museography, and Marketing. Community schools will benefit from guided visits, reviews of young photographers’ portfolios. Visitors, in general, will be able to participate in talks and conferences with leading professionals from the world of art, business, conservation, and urban planning.

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