108 ART Projects Art Gallery Exhibition “Sculptures Element & Space”

Bird Road Art District:

Open February 24th, 2024

7-10 PM

4211 SW 75 Ave, Miami, FL, United States, Florida

Contemporary sculpture is the materialization of the language of plastic, crucial in concluding a three-dimensional aesthetic idea or proposal. The contemporary artist expands their speech, involving not only elements and matter but also space. From the beginning, this idea involves an established order where everything is implicit. This rational organization directly obeys spatial awareness, which manifests through artistic expression aligned to the environment and enhanced by it. Sculpture is a structure that obeys and submits to a technique where elements such as water, air, fire, earth, etc., are present, granting the soul to the object created, and in turn, the matter such as stone, wood, metal, paper, etc., are the means that make the execution of the work possible. They are the essence where preliminary identification with the material germinates. In this subtle poetic, magical, and sublime expression of creation, the artist is a being conscious of their ability to create beauty, who can imagine and materialize a “beautiful” object and, in turn, own each space where their creation will transcend and evolve thanks to the power of associations that this created object manages to connect.

Contemporary sculpture is not an external or isolated phenomenon from history; it is the free manifestation of pure creativity that no longer obeys specific laws or aesthetic conventionalisms. It flows and is part of the cosmic and ethereal harmony of the universe. The exhibition “Elements and Space” is eclectic, bringing together various artists whose sculptural manifestations represent a cutting edge in managing elements and space. 24 artists are part of this sample, and establishing a dialogue between them was difficult. The planet is a complex place where being is random to the ideal of transcendence amidst diversity and constant change and movement.

108 Art Projects is pleased to present “Elements and Space,” a significant exhibition of contemporary sculpture. We thank each of the artists who are part of the show and shaped it. A special recognition goes to the Japanese artist Takashi Yukawa, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for whom the idea to make this exhibition arose. Also, the Salvadorian artists that makeup “La Fabrica” raise poetic and philosophical aspects directly related to an investigation of the material and the social environment, significantly enriching the concept of this exhibition.

108 ART Projects Art Gallery Exhibition “Sculptures Element & Space”

1 Zhang Hung Mei – China
2 Takashi Yukawa – Japón
3 Edgar Negret – Colombia
4 José Bedia – Cuba
5 Mateo Arguello Pitt – Argentina
6 Aimee Perez – Cuba
7 Juan Abuela – Cuba
9 Alejandro Frieri – Colombia
10 Oscar Villalobos – Colombia
11 Hugo Zapata – Colombia
12 Marco Nereo Rotelli -Italia
13 Rafael Barrios – Venezuela
14 M Cristina Carbonell – Venezuela
15 Ronald Moran – El Salvador
16 Sara Rayo – Colombia
17 Juan M Vasquez – España
18 Nadia Benatar – Venezuela
19 Mario Lopez – El Salvador
20 Veronica Vives – El Salvador
21 David Lucero – El Salvador
22 Ricardo Clement – Mex-El Sal
23 Juan Carlos Rondón
24 Perez Melero
25 Evelin Valdirio

4211 SW 75 Ave, Miami, FL, United States, Florida

(305) 431-4517

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