FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Satellite Art Show triumphantly returns to Miami Art Basel and once again radically re-envisions what an art fair should be. This year, Satellite will focus on performance work, time-based media, and installation – singularly cornering the market on these unique platforms will give these cherished art forms a home during Miami Art Week. Expect over 30 live performance artists presenting fiercely challenging new works, installations, tech-forward projects, and even an interactive “Official Billy Joel Piano Man Karaoke bar”! Plus after hours musical and performative activations with nods to the art handler community and the NFT world. 

Curatorial Statement: “In the wake of the pandemic, this program represents the re-emergence and reclamation of the body. The selected artists recognize the revolutionary power of the body through actions that often serve as a release from the trauma inflicted through centuries of heteronormative and colonial conditioning. In addition, this year’s program seeks work that actively rejects the systems perpetuating injustice and serves as a safe space for historically marginalized communities. This is the liberation of the body.” –Quinn Dukes

Satellite Art Show will be conveniently located JUST THREE BLOCKS from Art Basel at the corner of Meridian and Lincoln Road! Leading the curatorial team will be artist Quinn Dukes of Performance is Alive and returning once again as founder and creative leader is artist Brian Andrew Whiteley.

Sylvain SOUKLAYE | Photo by Colin Delfosse at Ancien Musée de Bruxelles-Nord | FESTIVAL TROUBLE.
Sylvain SOUKLAYE | Photo by Colin Delfosse
Agua Dulce | Photo by Denis Sandalini


Thomas Albrecht (Kingston, NY, USA), Jocelyn Beausire (Princeton, NJ, USA), Ama BE (Washington D.C, USA/Ghana), Katina Bitsicas (Columbia, MO, USA), Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn (Atlanta, GA, USA), Caitlin Mary Margarett (Madison, WI, USA), Hope Esser (Chicago, IL, USA), Xxavier Edward Carter (Dallas, TX, USA/Mexico City, Mexico), IV (NYC, USA), Vivian Chinasa Ezugha (Hampshire, UK/Nigeria), Oya Damla (Brooklyn, NY, USA), Agua Dulce (Miami, FL, USA), Gabriela Fernandez (Miami, FL, USA), Alexandra Hammond (NYC, NY, USA) Amanda Kleinhans (Tallahassee, FL, USA), Miss Art World (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Arantxa Araujo (NYC/Mexico), Verónica Peña (NYC/Spain), and Yali Romagoza (NYC/Cuba), Neill Prewitt (Atlanta, GA, USA), Sylvain Souklaye (Brooklyn, NY, USA/France)


Ali Asgar Tara (Brooklyn, NY, USA/Bangladesh), Meghan Moe Beitiks (Gainesville, FL USA), gustaf broms (Sweden), Maureen Catbagan and IV Castellanos (Brooklyn, NY, USA), Ayça Ceylan (Istanbul, Turkey), Alex Côté (Montreal, Canada), Adán De La Garza (Denver, CO, USA), Victor de La Rocque (São Paulo, Brazil), Alma García Gil (Mexico City, Mexico), Rae Goodwin (Lexington, KY, USA) and Casey McGuire (Carrolton, GA, USA), Marta Lodola (Berlin, Germany/Italy), Stephanie McGovern (NYC, USA), Tuty Moreno Campos (Mexico City, Mexico), Barbara Rosenthal (NYC, USA), Sylvain Souklaye (Brooklyn, NY, USA/France), Kailas Sreekumar (Kerala, India), Natacha Voliakovsky (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Claire Zakiewicz (NYC, USA/ London, UK)

Milk and Honey | Cultivating Mass
Milk and Honey | Cultivating Mass
When each performance ends get ready for some Joel for your soul!


Milk & Honey (Isla Gordon and Ashley Kaye) present Cultivating Mass, a lush and immersive installation inviting guests to re-arrange their own gender binaries.

NY FEM FACTORY: A two-person Oculus virtual exhibition by artist Jessica Yatrofsky

Official Billy Joel Piano Man Bar Installation: Just when you thought it was safe for you to wipe off your makeup and take a nap – we bring you the Billy Joel Piano Man Bar Installation. The music and merriment starts right up in-between performance art sessions. Expect flowing liquids, a microphone, disco lights and beer bongs.

Subtropical Affairs: The Center for Subtropical Affairs (Little Haiti) will be presenting “Subtropical Affairs”, an installation of indigenous plants at SATELLITE.

Grace Exhibition Space: Wild & Alive: a video capture of 15 Years of Performance Art in NYC (New York, NY, USA)

Light Baths: a photography booth/installation experience with projections by Brooklyn artist Jarid Blue

Maverick Exp presents GALLERY ROW (New York, NY, USA) A special curated selection of artworks from around the United States.

FEATURING: Jill Taffet (Sarasota, FL), Jennifer McDermott (New York, NY), Kelly Boehner (Savannah, GA), Nancy Gifford (Scottsdale, AZ), Anita Arliss (Atlanta, GA), Rafael Fuchs (Brooklyn, NY), Michael Wyshock (Sarasota, FL), Jason Isolini (Brooklyn, NY), Edie Beaucage (Los Angeles, CA), Glenyse Thompson (St. Petersburg, FL), Emily Roynesbal (Denver, CO), Jacki Davis (New York, NY), Sean Naftel (Brooklyn, NY), Roxanne Faber Savage(Fairfield, CT), Janet Mueller (Miami, FL), Royal Uban (Los Angeles, CA), Spencer Young(New York, NY), Tom Hooper Seaman (New York, NY), Alfredo Travieso (Miami, FL)

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Brian Whiteley

Tuesday, November 30

Xxavier Edward Carter


3:00PM Miss Art World (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Guillotine 

4:00PM Xxavier Edward Carter (Dallas, TX, USA/Mexico), Sisyphus & The Myth of The New World

5:00PM  Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn (Atlanta, GA, USA), REVERENCE: WE 3 (Miami)

6:00PM  Jocelyn Beausire (Princeton, NJ, USA), very hot : very sweet

9:00PM-11:00 PM Opening Night Party

Wednesday, December 1

Gabriela Fernandez, La Ceremonia De La Doncella
Barbara Rosenthal


2:00PM  15 Years of presenting performance art in NYC with Jill McDermid-Hokanson (Grace Exhibition Space)


3:00PM  Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn (Atlanta, GA, USA), REVERENCE: WE 3 (Miami)

6:00PM  Gabriela Fernandez (Miami, FL, USA/Cuba) and Khánh Nguyên H. Vũ (Miami, FL, USA/ Vietnam), Untitled (A Keepsake to Movement)


7:30PM Barbara Rosenthal (NYC, USA), Hot And Cold Shakeup


9:00-11:00PM Hajime Kinoko (Tokyo, JP) Shibari Performance presented in partnership with Playground Detroit.

Thursday, December 2


2:00PM Alexandra Hammond (NYC, NY USA), Flag Repair: Rebuilding Relationship with Symbolic Self and Community

3:00PM  Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn (Atlanta, GA, USA), REVERENCE: WE 3 (Miami)

6:30PM  Katina Bitsicas (Columbia, MO, USA), In Memoriam

7:00PM  Hope Esser (Chicago, IL, USA), Chatter

8:00PM Vivian Chinasa Ezugha (Hampshire, UK/Nigeria), Tongues 

8:30PM Oya Damla (Brooklyn, NY, USA), The Weight of Pleasure


9:30-11:00PM Art Handlers Ball an evening honoring all those working the Art Fairs. Featuring LIVE performances from: Mildred Hurtful & Wrongo Starr (Glasgow), John Pizza (NYC), Hweeqo (NYC), Rompers (NYC); DJs: J. Stroke (NYC), Breakfast Spaghetti (Zurich), Phase Pattern (London)

Friday, December 3

Agua Dulce
Sirreras Fem_Arantxa Araujo_Verónica Peña_Yali Romagoza_2021_Still


2:00PM Agua Dulce (Miami, FL, USA), CareGiving

4:00PM Ama BE (Washington D.C, USA/Ghana), bête noir

7:00PM Amanda Kleinhans (Tallahassee, FL, USA), I’m Ready for My Close-Up

8:00PM Arantxa Araujo (NYC/Mexico), Verónica Peña (NYC/Spain), and Yali Romagoza (NYC/Cuba), SIRRERAS FEM II

9:00PM Neill Prewitt (Atlanta, GA, USA), Our Heart Beats


9:30PM-12AM Superchief x Satellite Party

Saturday, December 4

Credit: Sylvain SOUKLAYE | Photography by Colin Image: Delfosse at Ancien Musée de Bruxelles-Nord during FESTIVAL TROUBLE.


2:00PM Caitlin Mary Margarett (Madison, WI, USA), for the love of god

3:00PM Thomas Albrecht (Kingston, NY, USA), Dirt 


4:00PM Conversation with FIAP International Performance Art Festival Curators (Fort de France, Martinique)


6:00PM Ama BE (Washington D.C, USA/Ghana), bête noir

8:00PM Sylvain Souklaye (Brooklyn, NY, USA/France), UNDERYOURSKINS [.UNFOLDED.]


9:00-11:00PM Closing Party!

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