100% hand-painted on empty canvas. Photo preview in 10 – 15 days. 100% satisfaction. Museum quality reproductions with mindfulness to colors, details, styles and techniques.


PaintingZ is the largest online art platform for global art lovers to customize top quality handmade oil paintings on canvas with frame options, whether they are reproductions of old and modern masters such as Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet and Klimt, or any paintings requested and based on your photos and ideas.  You may browse a curated collection of over 5,000 artists and their artworks perfectly in the public domain, request a reproduction of your favorite artwork, or simply submit to us any painting with your demands for a quote.


All our talented artists have been working on art for over 20 years. Your ordered art will be 100% handmade in studio by one of our professional artists from an empty canvas, being made perfect brush by brush. Our artist can sign the original artist’s name or his or her own name.


Each artwork order with PaintingZ is guaranteed with photo preview, unlimited revisions, and 30-day money back. See our Zero Risk Guarantee.

What’s PaintingZ?

Started in 2012, PaintingZ is the leading online platform for global customers to order custom handmade art. 

Global Artists

PaintingZ works with global talented artists. All our artists have been creating art for at least 20 years. Together, our artists can meet with a variety of custom subjects, mediums, and styles. 

Top Quality, Affordable Price

Instead of art factories or art suppliers, we work directly with artists, who make art in their studios. It’s our philosophy to build a supportive platform for our artists to survive while pursuing their dreams, and for our customers to buy high quality handmade art instead of commercial quality art. 

What can I order?

You can order any artwork in the public domain by browsing on PaintingZ more than 5,000 famous artists and masters and their artworks already curated by PaintingZ. You can also submit to us any painting, or any image with your ideas, such as a portrait based on your family photo, for a quote. For any artwork you order with us, you may specify the size, the frame, and your other needs as detailed as you want and our artists would love to hear about them.

PaintingZ also offers 100% handcrafted wooden carving frames. You may order Monet’s Impression, Sunrise or Vermeer’s Girl with A Pearl Earring including both the painting and the frame as you see in the museum. 

Order with Confidence

PaintingZ offers world’s best service of ordering handmade artwork online. You are guaranteed with photo preview and unlimited revisions as well as our 30-day money back policy upon receipt.

Usually customers ask our artists to duplicate a Van Gogh, a Monet, a Klimt or any painting that already exists, or turn an existing photo or image saved in a device to a handmade painting that will hang on the wall. The space and the medium are changed. But there’re more. 

Usually our artists don’t see the paintings to be duplicated in real life. Instead, they see pictures.

So how do PaintingZ artists handle art reproduction without seeing a real artwork?

Artist First

To not fall to the trap of mechanic copy or reproducing art for reproducing art’s sake, our artists see themselves as creatives. They see what’s depicted in a picture. They also see what’s not obviously depicted but is equally important due to the limit of a digital picture. At PaintingZ, artists must put themselves first with confidence in certain ways. That’s why we work with only experienced studio artists, some having been working for more than 30 years. 

Deep Copy

Deep copying goes beyond working to make a reproduced art look like the original. Artists have to answer questions before embarking on a project like why the original artist used this technique, why the colors are like this and how they relate to the theme of the art, how people in the painting are connected, in what directions do the look, and so forth. PaintingZ never boasts the likeness of our painting to the original or a photo. If there’s something to say, we respect art. 


We believe all reproduced artworks, whether based on a painting or a photograph, are recreated artworks themselves. Beneath the coherent brushstroke surface of a reproduced item is how artists understand and align their elements to represent their thoughts. This is what PaintingZ artists do.  

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