OUTSIDE THE BOX 4 is the fourth biennial hosted by Elayne Mordes at her perfectly situated scenic waterfront site, Whitespace, in Palm Beach, which also houses her enviable international collection.
On view for only one weekend every 2 years, this colorful, avant-garde exhibition format will feature over 40 installations that will respond creatively to the site, and interrelate with the unique landscape and outdoor environment.
Works on view will include cast glass, and inflatables, the site-specific sculpture made from recycled materials, computer programmed-light art, video projections, augmented reality art, black light imagery, sound art, performances, and installations that the viewer can interact with. Since the work is on view primarily at night, unique lighting elements will be integrated into the installations, resulting in pieces that literally glow in the dark. The accumulated spectacle of forms, colors, lights, and sounds will surround the building—on the wrap-around tarmac, on the rooftop, within the grass, in the bushes or trees, near the marshy beach, and even on the water itself.
Performance art “happenings” will occur throughout the night. A performance schedule will be provided at the entrance so that viewers will not miss out. This year will be the first time that works will also be on view during daylight hours, during private tours with the curator.
Private tours can be booked by RSVPing to info@whitespacecollection.com.

$1500 in cash prizes will be awarded on opening night, decided prominent guest judges: Ibett Yanez, Director of De la Cruz collection, Kelli Bodle, Assistant Registrar at Boca Raton Museum of art, and Adrienne Chadwick, Deputy Director for Education at the Perez Art Museum Miami.
For more information, contact Lisa Rockford at outsidetheboxcurator@gmail.com

Agata Ren
Alexandra Salazar
Alex Valls
Amanda Covach
Andy Denton
Beatriz Calderon
Ben Morey & Caroline Collette
Cecilia Suhr
Christian Feneck
Christin Paige Minnotte, Lisu Vega, & Marissa Alma Nick
DeVan Jimenez
Elle Schorr & Jerry Kornbluth
Encoded Objects
Gianna DiBartolomeo
Jenna Efrein
Jenny Larsson
John DeFaro
Kerry Phillips
Kikimora Studio (Olga Saretsky)
Laura Gomez
Laura L Marsh
Liliana Crespi
Mark Walnock
Martin Casuso
Megan Castellon
Melissa Eder
Michael Bauman
Natalya Laskis
Orlando Chiang
Rafael Montilla
Randy Burman
Ryan Farrell
Shannon Lynn Ellis
Sibel Kocabaşı
Stephanie Cafcules & Nina Antos
Stephanie Cunningham
Susan Maas
TD Gillispie

Outside the Box 4 Art Biennial
Outside the Box 4 Art Biennial
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