Sat, Oct 20, 2018, 11:00 AM
Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 7:00 PM


South Miami Av. from Coral Way to SW 14 Terr
1421 S Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33130

We grew up in Miami and we know Miami – if you remember Tahiti Beach or 12 houses at Stiltsville, not 5, or water so clean it looked like the Bahamas then you understand. That’s why we produce all 16 of our events in the home town we love – Miami. We were 305 before Pitt Bull was born, no offence Mr. Bull we love you as well, but we are trying to make a point. We have been producing events for over 34 years both in Miami and around the country. We think of our business as being a four-legged stool.
One leg representing the consumer or attendee
One the exhibitor
One the sponsor
One is our company.

Like a stool, all the legs must be equal and working together otherwise the stool will wobble and maybe break. We always consider how allthelegs/parts of our events affect the other this is what helps us assure you have a great event. Our events are not perfect, but we try hard to make them the best possible. Finally, we offer value as we will never produce an event that we would not attend ourselves – after all, we are consumers just like you.

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