Miami Artist Michael O’Khaen UnveilsThousands of Threatened Species

Captivating Artwork Illuminates Biodiversity Crisis: Miami Artist Michael O’Khaen Unveils Thousands of Threatened Species

In a world grappling with the complexities of environmental issues, Miami-based visual artist and sculptor Michael O’Khaen presents his latest thought-provoking installation. The striking round mosaic provides a powerful visual representation of the world’s current state of biological diversity. Initiated on May 22nd, 2023, the International Day for Biological Diversity, this artwork carries a profound message.
With a daily dedication spanning three months, the artist meticulously assembled a vibrant 67” collage on wood comprising thousands of individually-painted labels, each bearing the handwritten scientific names of threatened animals and plant species. They were all classified as “Critically Endangered” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) at the beginning of the work, standing as a testament to the fragility of our biosphere.
This artwork’s significance lies in its compelling capacity to draw attention to the state of our planet’s ecosystems.
Every piece of paper embodies a unique and irreplaceable life form, poised on the verge of extinction due to pollution, habitat loss, and the far-reaching impacts of climate change.
The sheer scale of the mosaic, created like a wall sculpture, resonates as a powerful statement of the ongoing biodiversity crisis, but also allows the viewer to build a personal interconnection. Through an appealing design, the artist aims to reach a large and diverse audience while showcasing vulnerable species, regardless of their size or perceived significance.
More than a contemporary creation, this artwork serves as an educational tool, a call to action, and a catalyst for dialogues concerning biodiversity evolution. O’Khaen’s casual pop art is made to ignite deep environmental conversations.

The artistic process is documented on the artist’s Instagram page:
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as well as in a Youtube short documentary

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