Hosted by Spanierman Modern Miami

March 13 2019 6pm

Art Gallery

151 NE 41 Street p 133, Miami, Florida 33137

(786) 542-5656

You are cordially invited to the opening exhibition of “Color, Pattern, Texture & Shape”. This exhibition highlights modern-day minimalist abstract art by Steven Alexander, Louise P. Sloane, and Heidi Spector. Each artist pursues geometric minimalism in a distinct way through color, pattern, texture, and shape.

Steven Alexander
“I work the paintings horizontally, pouring the paint on and scraping it off with a cement trowel, building the surface slowly with multiple thin films of translucent color. This process allows me to inflect the color with undertones and overtones.”

Louise P. Sloane
“Louise P. Sloane is a painter whose distinctive production focuses primarily on color and light, materiality and texture. This became the matrix for the geometric configurations or symbols that she embedded into her paintings early on followed eventually by textual excerpts that ousted the signs. Deeply invested in modernist aesthetics, as most artists of her generation were, she continues to embrace formalism, albeit an expanded, looser concept of it. ” – Lilly Wei

Heidi Spector
“My work can be described as geometric minimalism composed of repetitive geometric configurations in acrylic with resin on birch panels, cubes, and rhombuses. I work with bold and vibrant candy-like colors that pulse and vibrate bringing certain shades to the forefront and others to the background. I create a grid to formulate the geometric compositions, which are ultimately inspired by musical rhythm and beats.”

This exhibition will be on view from March 13 through April 14, 2019, at Spanierman Modern Miami in the Miami Design District/

Spanierman Modern is an art gallery led by Gavin Spanierman, a dealer and consultant with 30 years of experience. His years as Director of Spanierman Gallery, one of Manhattan’s foremost galleries and the founding director of Spanierman Modern, have made him uniquely qualified to provide curatorial guidance for building a fine, creative, and personal collection of universal appeal. He has had the honor and responsibility of working closely with some of world’s finest museums, auction houses, and private collectors. Spanierman Modern has always employed the philosophy of showcasing the work of prominent mid-career artists in the modernist tradition. This philosophy has always been to bring new attention to the work of accomplished, yet under appreciated and under represented artists; revealing how these artists have advanced ideas and lessons in powerful new directions. The illustrious roster of prominent artists and estates that the gallery has the good fortune to represent include important Color Field, Pop, Minimalist and Abstract Expressionists artists such as Steven Alexander, Dan Christensen, Lisa Corinne Davis, Willem De Kooning, Herb Gentry, Judith Godwin, Norman Lewis, Jacob Lawrence, Pat Lipsky, Sam Middleton, Katherine Parker, Lorraine Shemesh, and Louise P. Sloane.

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