Artist-run Warehouse 4726 launches nonprofit collaboARTive  as a resource for connecting to creativity and community.

This September, Warehouse 4726 will launch the new non-profit initiative, collaboARTive, as an innovative new idea providing flexible artist studio space in smaller time segments. collaboARTive will continue to meet the needs of Miami’s creative community with a focus on serving a wider range of artists and creatives at all levels of practice. Long standing partner DVCAI continues to support this effort, serving as fiscal agent for the nascent nonprofit organization. 

Artists and creatives rely on dedicated studio space to develop a meaningful practice. A dedicated studio affords the possibility for deep contemplative thought while providing a cohort of like-minded creatives to work through ideas. Co-founders Jean and Ignacio Font believe an artist’s studio is a sanctuary where ideas and techniques get explored. 

In response to this need for sanctuary, Miami-based visual artists Jean and Ignacio Font,  in a partnership with Rosie Gordon Wallace of Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator, opened Warehouse 4726 in the Bird Road Arts District.

Since opening, Warehouse 4726 has provided affordable studio space to more than 25 artists and has grown from four to nine artist studios. The micro-business serves as a community arts center, hosting more than 150 events with numerous partners, all crafted to encourage community, conversation, and creativity. 

As a project funded by Font Squared Arts Marketing, Warehouse 4726 lives out a mission to encourage visual artists to mature in their practice through affordable studio space, community with fellow artists, and resources for career development. 

Expanding its original mission, the transformation from Warehouse 4726 to collaboARTive will strive to inspire creativity, community, and conversation that lead to opportunities for personal growth and development beyond the traditional artist persona, shining a light on the importance of creativity for everyone. They do this by offering affordable studio space, flexible time, resources, and programming that builds community with fellow creatives.

Current programming delivered by Warehouse 4726 reaches artists and creatives across almost every continent on the globe, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, and more. Creative Play Programming will continue as a way to build community, encourage dialogue around the importance of creativity, and develop an artistic practice. Collage and Connect, Studio|Life, and Open|Studio will all provide opportunities for community, conversation and creativity, while being offered free to anyone interested in connecting with their own creativity. 

While the organization only offers 2 flexible studios right now, the vision is to identify a location for 20 flexible studios or more. Traditional studio spaces will continue to be part of the organization’s offerings, as well. The waiting list for space on a monthly basis is long and growing every week;  the founders of collaboARTive will continue to provide space when available and will include additional studios as part of the expansion. The founders are looking for more space.

Annual Membership includes an array of benefits and resources including access to the studio scheduling calendar. A dedicated newsletter with resources and opportunities for artists is just one of the benefits that collaboARTive members will receive. 

Four hour sessions are offered 5 days a week, including weekends, making access to studio space affordable and convenient. Artists will have the space they need to create and the fellowship of other artists using the space. Growing community and finding like-minded artists and creatives is another way collaboARTive plans to create value and make an impact in Miami. 

A special launch party is scheduled for Saturday, September 17th as a way to introduce this innovative studio solution to Miami. Learn more about the organization and register for the launch party by visiting 

WHAT: collaboARTive Launch Party

WHERE: Warehouse 4726, 4726 SW 75 Avenue, Miami FL 33155

WHEN:Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022 from 7pm to 9pm


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