Building upon the success of their iconic Rain Room, Random International’s new immersive light-based installation Living Room marks a shift in how blockchain technology can revolutionize how visitors experience and collect art 

Aorist and Faena Art also co-present Quayola’s Effets de Soir in the Faena Art Project Room. The video series continues the artist’s ongoing focus on nature, pictorial traditions, and new technology-centered artistic practices

Aorist, the cultural institution supporting artists creating at the edge of art and technology, returned to Miami Beach with a new commission titled Living Room by globally acclaimed art group Random International, pioneers of immersive art. Following the success of last year’s launch in Miami Beach with Refik Anadol’s Machine Hallucinations: Coral and the first-ever indoor drone performance by DRIFT during the Venice Biennale 2022, Aorist premiered Random International’s Living Room on November 29, on the occasion of Miami Art Week 2022. Held in a purpose built pavilion at Faena Beach, the installation is on view until December 4. Aorist and Faena Art also co-presented Effets de Soir by multimedia artist Quayola for the first time in the United States. The video series debuted November 29 and is on view until January 8 in the Faena Art Project Room, Faena Art’s dedicated space in Miami Beach for artistic experimentation and the development of innovative ideas.

Random International’s never-before-seen installation continues their exploration of the impact of technological development on the human condition, utilizing Web3 to expand the boundaries of immersive and experiential art. Living Room explores the idea of space as a living entity. Visitors are invited to enter a fluctuating architectural domain, in which shifting lights, fog, and sound respond to the audience’s movements in unpredictable ways. The first variation of Living Room is scored by Max Richter. As visitors navigate through the installation, their movement inside Living Room is tracked and recorded by an array of motion sensors. Every individual’s unique data can be visualized and compressed as a looped video, which visitors can collect as an NFT on Aorist’s marketplace by utilizing their entry ticket’s unique ID. The data that Living Room is gathering will accumulate throughout the lifespan of the artwork, creating a visual archive of the installation’s ‘life’ that will be minted as an NFT, making it the first archive of an immersive artwork to be stored on the blockchain. 

Hannes Koch, Co-Founder of Random International, describes, “In Living Room, we explore the artwork as a spatial life form that uses its materials and components to express itself and to interact with those who inhabit it. We get to enter it and capture our experience within. Such captured data can be minted as individual artworks in their own right, thus bridging immersive art and blockchain technology for the first time through a process of physical co-creation.”

Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, Founder and Chairman of Aorist, comments, “This body of work sets a new precedent in how the digital and the physical can come together to redefine how visitors experience and collect art. A true evolution in Random International’s work and experiential practice as a genre, this piece marks the first time that data from a participative experience will be used to co-create a generative work of personalized art.”

Ximena Caminos, Co-founder and Chief Cultural Strategist of Aorist, continues, “I have always been drawn to new forms of art that blur the boundaries of a wide spectrum of disciplines. Living Room is just that, an exercise of artistic co-creation with the machine, where the input is the interaction with the physical installation and the output is the unique data on the blockchain. By creating this type of cross-disciplinary experience, Aorist champions artists to explore new territories while building new models to experience art and ignite imagination.

Following its premiere during Miami Art Week 2022, Living Room will embark on a world tour with museums and institutions worldwide. General entry and VIP tickets with NFT are available now at

Aorist and Faena Art co-present Quayola’s Effets de Soir for Miami Art Week. The title references the natural phenomena visible at dusk and dawn, when lights and shadows, warm and cold tones, fade into one another – an impression many artists, from Monet to Van Gogh, have attempted to transpose on canvas. Quayola engages with this heritage by combining natural and artificial stimuli, presenting his own effets de soir. At the core of Effets de Soir are ultra-high-resolution photographs of flowers from the lush gardens of Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire, a 10th-century French Castle, shot at night under artificial spotlights. The captured botanical compositions become raw data for Quayola’s computational paintings, audio-visual scores that experiment with different evolving compositions and rhythms. The artist offers hybrid visions of the natural world, through software specially programmed to analyze and re-synthesize its components, approaching a new form of algorithmic Impressionism.

A percentage of the proceeds from both projects will be donated to The ReefLine, a 7-mile underwater public sculpture park and artificial reef which will provide a critical habitat for endangered reef organisms, promoting biodiversity and enhancing coastal resilience.

Additionally, artist Nancy Baker Cahill and Sophia the Robot – the world’s first robot citizen and robot Innovation Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – have collaborated on a monumental new Augmented Reality artwork, titled Stone Speaks, the NFT of which is available on the Aorist’s marketplace. 

Aorist commissioned Cahill’s monumental AR work Mushroom Cloud, during Miami Art Week 2021 – Stone Speaks continues that exploration. In a reverse Big Bang, viewers witness a massive particle field over both oceans that swells into a vibrant planet, textured with digital paintings created by Sophia. Tackling themes of climate crisis and the potential for human-machine collaboration, the work is geolocated simultaneously over the beach at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai during the Decipher Conference and Miami Beach in Florida. Stone Speaks is currently accessible on Cahill’s free AR app, 4th Wall, and is presented by Borderless Capital in partnership with Aorist. 


Key Dates and Hours

Living Room by Random International 

Preview Night: Tuesday, November 29, 3-9pm 

Public Dates & Hours: Wednesday, November 30 to Sunday, December 4, 11am-6pm 

Location: Faena Beach (via Collins Avenue & 33rd Street)

*Capacity is limited. Please reach out to Antonio Scotto di Carlo ( for press booking.

General entry and VIP tickets with NFT are available for pre-sale at   

Effets de Soir by Quayola 

Preview Night: Tuesday, November 29, 6-9pm 

Public Dates & Hours: Wednesday, November 30 to Sunday, January 8, 11am-6pm 

Location: Faena Art Project Room (3420 Collins Avenue)

Stone Speaks by Nancy Baker Cahill and Sophia the Robot

Preview Night: Tuesday, November 29, 6-11pm 

Public Dates: Wednesday, November 30 to Sunday, December 4

Location: Augmented Reality geolocated over Faena Beach via 4th Wall App

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