Miami Shores

Miami Shores

Village Hall 10050 N.E. 2nd Ave. 305-795-2207

Mayor and Council
Mayor Alice Burch 305-318-9578
Vice Mayor Steven Zelkowitz: 305-762-4851
Councilwoman Herta Holly:
Councilwoman Ivonne Ledesma: 305-494-8132
Councilman Mac Adam (Mac) Glinn: 305-992-9635

Village Clerk and Village Department Officials
Village Clerk Barbara Estep: 305-762-4851
Attorney Richard Sarafan: 305-349-2300
Finance Director Holly Hugduhl: 305-795-2207
Recreation Director Jerry Estep: 305-758-8103
Library Director Michelle Brown: 305-758-8107
Village Manager Tom Benton: 305-762-4851

Village Police
Police Crime Watch/Mobile Patrol: 305-756-5767
Police Department Non-Emergency: 305-759-2468

Code Compliance
Code Enforcement Supervisor Anthony Flores: ext. 4861

Building Department
To Schedule Inspections Call: 305-795-2204
Building Official: Ismael Naranjo 305-762-4859
Administrative Supervisor: Arlenis Silvera 305-762-4858
Permit Clerk: Joanna Feliciano 305-762-4860
Planning and Zoning Director: David Dacquisto 305-795-2207 ext. 4864

Public Works
Public Works Director Scott Davis: 305-795-2210